• Chair’s Note

    The July arrival of FY ’19 commences a new 12-month period of projected spending, operational continuity and expanding our resources to better serve our Department members. As the 2018-19 academic year also kicks off, our 21 fast-learning new residents and fellows join those facilitating our specialty and subspecialty workflow. This annual rite marks a visibly … Continued

  • J. Keith Smith, MD, PhD, Director

    JK Smith Appointed Executive Vice Chair

    The Department was pleased to appoint J. Keith Smith, MD, PhD, as Executive Vice Chair in April 2018. Dr. Smith succeeds Dr. Paul Molina in this position. Molina served 11+ years as Executive Vice Chair, as well as a leader in many capacities over his 30+ years as a Department member. Smith is a well-established Department … Continued

  • Lin Receives Academy for Radiology & Biomedical Imaging Research Distinguished Investigator Award

    The Department would like to congratulate Weili Lin, PhD, for his selection amongst 42 researchers to receive the 2018 Distinguished Investigator Award from the Academy for Radiology and Biomedical Imaging Research.  Lin and other award recipients will be inducted into the Academy’s Council of Distinguished Investigators during a ceremony to be held in November 2018 … Continued

  • Henderson One of Three SOM Faculty Chosen for 2018 Yang Family Biomedical Scholars Society

    The Department would like to recognize Associate Professor and Carolina Mammography Registry Director Louise Henderson, PhD, for being selected as a 2018 UNC School of Medicine (SOM) Yang Family Biomedical Scholar. Created and sponsored by Lenovo CEO and UNC alumnus Mr. Yuanqing Yang, this award recognizes tenured SOM faculty such as Henderson who have an … Continued

  • Lauren M. B. Burke, MD

    L. Burke Appointed Abdominal Imaging Division Chief

    The Department was pleased to appoint Assistant Professor Lauren Burke, MD, as its new Abdominal Imaging Division Chief in May 2018. Dr. Burke succeeds Dr. Jeff Neitlich in this role. Burke’s time at UNC spans almost 20 years undergraduate, medical school, residency and faculty.  After completing an Abdominal Imaging fellowship at Duke University in 2013, she returned to UNC as … Continued

  • Teaching Excellence Earns Altun 2018 Charles A. Bream Award

    The Department would like to congratulate Assistant Professor of Radiology Dr. Ersan Altun for being chosen to receive the 2018 Charles A. Bream Award for excellence in teaching. Recognized annually at the Department’s end-of-year banquet, the Bream Award recipient is selected by the graduating Diagnostic Radiology residents. Since joining the Department in 2014, Altun has become … Continued

  • Diane Armao: 20+ Years Advancing Multi-Disciplinary Neuroimaging Research & Radiation Safety Education

    In her earliest years as a Neuropathology fellow (1997-1999) training under UNC Director of Neuropathology Thomas W. Bouldin, MD, Dr. Diane Armao saw how neuroimaging could advance the study of nervous system disease, yet also bring the concerns of ionizing radiation to the fore. A Department faculty member of almost 20 years now, Armao’s work … Continued

  • Spotlight on Education – Diagnostic Radiology

    To borrow from popular culture – Wow, Just Wow! We’ve just completed an extraordinary year measured against any number of benchmarks. Excelling in clinical care, volume of patients and families served, scholarly output, and educational initiatives – our residents have done it all. With the growth of UNC Health Care System have come higher case … Continued

  • Robert Dixon, MD, FSIR

    Spotlight on Interventional Radiology

    IR Update: After a successful initial NRMP match this past March for the Integrated IR Residency, and a successful final NRMP match this past week for the last year of IR fellowships (2019 – 2020), the department continues to transition into the new training paradigm for Interventional Radiology.  With all three components of the new … Continued

  • Spotlight on Clinical Research

    The Clinical Research Division has recently seen exponential growth in funded clinical trials.  Specifically, Ari Isaacson, MD, has received funding to conduct two new interventional studies in collaboration with the Vascular Institute of Virginia.  The first trial will be a randomized trial with 21 participants that compares geniculate artery embolization (GAE) to a sham procedure.  … Continued

  • Spotlight on Basic Science

    The fundamental research division has made great strides in advancing various research projects, as well as securing extramural funding in the past year.  Specifically, the total extramural funds, both federal and non-federal, awarded to our faculty increased from $4,964K+ to $12,060K+ between FY 16 and FY 17, respectively.  Below are highlights of the accomplishments of … Continued

  • New Faculty & Staff

    The Department was pleased to welcome Ley Killeya-Jones, PhD, in April 2018 as the Carolina Mammography Registry (CMR)’s Research Associate and newest member. Ley works under the direction of Dr. Sarah Nyante and in coordination with eight other staff members and two students on CMR’s Epidemiology Research team. In her new role, Ley manages Dr. … Continued

  • IMPACT: UNC Radiology Goes Gardening in Support of Fellow University Employees

        In June 2018, UNC Radiology members spent several afternoons volunteering in support of fellow University employees at UNC’s on-campus Carolina Campus Community Garden (CCCG). After a rewarding first opportunity in 2016, Department volunteers returned to CCCG to harvest, weed, compost, water, etc., in support of CCCG’s mission to extend access to fresh, sustainably-grown produce … Continued

  • Faculty Notes: April – June 2018

    Ari Isaacson, MD, received industry funding (Anticipated funding: $15K / Sponsor: BTG International, Ltd.) in June 2018 to conduct retrospective data analysis to explore use of LC Bead LUMI™ in routine clinical practice for the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Study goals will be supported by collecting data on safety, effectiveness and procedural information from … Continued

  • Faculty Publications: April – June 2018

    Dayan E, Sklerov M, Browner N. Disrupted hypothalamic functional connectivity in patients with PD and autonomic dysfunction. Neurology. 2018 Jun 5;90(23):e2051-e2058. doi: 10.1212/WNL.0000000000005641. Epub 2018 May 4. Kim KW, Kuzmiak CM, Kim YJ, Seo JY, Jung HK, Lee MS. Diagnostic Usefulness of Combination of Diffusion-weighted Imaging and T2WI, Including Apparent Diffusion Coefficient in Breast Lesions: … Continued