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  • SPECT neuro-imaging with dopamine transport binder (Altropane) for differentiating Parkinsonian Syndrome (PS) tremor from non-PS tremor
  • Effect of surgical fundoplication on gallbladder function (GB ejection fraction)
  • Effect of therapeutic intervention for diabetic gastroparesis on gastric emptying
  • Targeted radionuclide therapy
  • I-124 dosimetry in thyroid cancer
  • Cardiac receptor imaging
  • FDG PET for detection of sub-centimeter lung lesions
  • FDG PET for assessment of tumor recurrence (vs. inflammation) after radiofrequency ablation (RFA) of liver metastases
  • Evaluation of FDG PET uptake in lymphomas versus Glut 1 and 3 expression
  • Value of Nuclear Medicine in the evaluation of atherosclerotic disease.

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