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  • MR spectroscopy of low-grade astrocytomas
  • Correlations of ADC’s and MR proton spectroscopy
  • Diffusion MR imaging techniques in the diagnosis of infarctions
  • Vascular and white matter changes in HIV dementia
  • Vascular changes in CNS tumors
  • Intracranial hemorrhage in asymptomatic neonates
  • Brain MRI findings in patients with mucopolysacharidosis
  • Diffusion tensor imaging, perfusion and MR spectroscopy at 3T MRI in multiple sclerosis patients
  • MR Spectroscopy in Alzheimer disease, fronto-temporal dementia, multi-infarct dementia and normal pressure hydrocephalus
  • Imaging Meniere’s disease in adults
  • Computer assessment of neonates and toddler MRIs for atlas building in ages 0-2

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