The Clinical Research Division has grown and adapted to meet the needs of our faculty members and the University at large.  Based on a recent departmental faculty survey, our team provides exceptional support to our faculty members. We recently added Clinical Research Coordinator Desma Jones, CCRC, to our team, expanding it to now include a Clinical Research Manager, four Clinical Research Coordinators, and two Research Assistants.  By expanding our team, we hope to offer additional support so that we can continue to engage in clinical and translational research in our field.

Currently, we have 13 clinical trials in the Department that are open to patient accrual. Six more are opening in the coming months.  Our total patient accrual is currently 1,130 for all open trials.  Not only has our team grown, but additional faculty members are now starting to conduct funded clinical trials.  This includes Drs. Jorge Oldan and Ersan Altun.  Both of these investigators are working to open studies funded by the National Cancer Institute and sponsored by ECOG-ACRIN.

Our Radiology Core Service Center, which provides de-identification and image transmittal services and special imaging response assessment that are needed outside of clinical reads for clinical trials, has also seen tremendous expansion. Over the past calendar year, we have more than doubled the services we provided the year prior. In the bigger institutional picture, we support approximately 175 studies over 20 departments.


Ari Isaacson, MD
Director of Clinical Research