In December 2016, the Department welcomed Terry Hartman, MPH, MS, CCRC, in a new role as the Clinical Research Manager.  Prior to this role, Hartman had worked in the Department as a Clinical Research Coordinator and served as an Assistant Director at Duke University.  Hartman brings extensive experience in regulatory affairs in clinical trials having served as a regulatory consultant for the UNC Health Care System in the Office of Research Support and Compliance.

During his initial months in the position, Hartman worked to standardize the research within our department to ensure quality and efficiency.  These efforts included the implementation of standard operating procedures specific to the Clinical Research Division.  Moreover, Hartman increased educational opportunities for staff, faculty, residents, fellows, and visiting scholars in order to improve our research program. He has also focused on providing team building activities to strengthen collaboration among the team.

Due to his accomplishments, our research division has grown tremendously over the past few years.  We have expanded our team to now include 4 Clinical Research Coordinators, 2 Research Assistants, and a Clinical Research Manager.  In addition, we are in the process of rolling out a departmental quality assurance process for our investigator-initiated trials.  The aim of this program is to ensure that our Clinical Research Division conducts research of the highest quality.

The Department is thrilled to see such growth in our Clinical Research Division keeping UNC on the forefront of imaging research.


Ari Isaacson, MD
Director of Clinical Research