What a time of transition in the Diagnostic Residency Program! New PD’s, new residents, new fellows, new chief residents. As I take over the reins of the program, I am grateful to my predecessor, Sheryl Jordan, in that the program is in excellent shape! As I settle in to the various tasks, I am very excited to work with both David Mauro and the newly appointed Cody Schwartz. In addition, we bid farewell to three great chief residents and look forward to the new chief residents, John Campbell, Hamilton Howe, and Justin Rodriguez. Here is the list of new residents, departing residents, and fellows:  

Departing Residents

Bryan Ashley*  MUSC VIR Fellow 
Kelsey Budd  UNC Neuroradiology Fellow 
Kaleigh Burke  Duke Abdominal Imaging Fellow 
Clayton Commander  UNC IR Independent Resident 
Malik Mossa-Basha  Johns Hopkins Neuroradiology 
Monica Reddy*  UNC Breast Imaging/Abdominal Fellow 
Eli Tate  UNC Breast Imaging/Abdominal Fellow 
Joshua Wallace*  UNC Musculoskeletal Fellow 


Departing Fellows (Including Non-ACGME programs): 

Mohammed Hoque   
J. Patrick Davidson   
Kent Cabatingan    
Sameer Mittal    
Ryan Embertson    
Tiffany Sills   
Michael Altenburg   
John Varvarikos   
Jozef Brozyna    
Jami Lyon    
Prasad Patel   
James Ho    
Jeremiah Libby    
Loren Buck    

Arriving Residents (Diagnostic Radiology & IR)

Lourens du Pisanie  UNC CH SOM  
Caleb Epps  UNC CH SOM 
Jordan Fenner  Case Western Reserve University  
Taylor Gunnell  UNC CH SOM 
Joshua Harford  UNC CH SOM 
Dean Homen  Texas Tech University  
John Lilly  Univ. of Nevada 
Elise Maggioncalda  Univ. of SC  
Akanksha Mohan  Baylor College of Medicine  
Jacob Nelson  Univ. of SC 
Venki Ramkrishnan  Virginia Tech 

Arriving Fellows (Including Non-ACGME programs) 

Tom Kesler  NY Medical College  
Kristen Olinger   David Gaffen School of Med at UCLA 
Adam Glover  Lake Erie Osteopathic Medicine  
Muhammad Niazi  Allied Hospital Punjab Medical College in Faisalabad, Pakistan 
Miles Dunbar  UMISS 
Chris Shuman  Mercer Univ.  
Arpit Gandhi  Univ. of Cincinnati  
Kyle Golden  Lake Erie Osteopathic Medicine  
David Warden  Univ. of Toledo College of Medicine  
Craig Chavez  Univ. of Texas, San Antonio 
Alex Skidmore  Virginia Commonwealth  
Kelsey Budd*  Ross Univ.  
Monica Reddy*  Univ. of Okla 
Eli Tate*   UNC CH SOM 
Joshua Wallace*  UNC CH SOM  

*UNC Residents  

With all this transition, the pieces are in place for an excellent year!

Peter R. Bream, Jr., MD FSIR