In early September, UNC Radiology faculty & Diagnostic Radiology residents kicked off the AY 2019-2020 Radiology Interest Group (RIG) advisement facilitating a RIG Pizza Panel for the UNC School of Medicine (SOM)’s M1s-M4s interested in pursuing radiology.

RIG Co-Presidents and M2s Susana Bracewell & Eric Fromke reported back high marks on the session to Undergraduate Medical Education (UME) Director Dr. Sheri Jordan, expressing how well-informed RIG members in attendance felt from what UNC faculty and residents shared with them:

Thanks, Dr. Jordan, for spearheading this! Today was such a great day. The students who came were engaged and inquisitive – eager to learn more about the field of radiology! We had a thorough discussion relating to radiology, and the residents, fellows, and attendings who came gave thoughtful insight into all things radiology. It was great to have such varied interests represented on the panel, and we saw a full picture of many different areas of radiology (including breast imaging, neuroradiology, MSK, interventional), and how a career in radiology is fulfilling and impactful in the hospital and community around us. The students learned a lot and seemed to come away more interested in (and more knowledgeable about) radiology! It was a truly exciting Wednesday!

ABOVE: In 2018, UNC Radiology faculty and residents hosted an Emergency Radiology SIM Lab session for School of Medicine (SOM) Radiology Interest Group student members. LEFT: 2019-2020 R3 Dr. Raymond Wong (far L) / RIGHT: Associate Professor Dr. Sheila Lee (center)