A short page about each faculty member, if not provided by the School of Medicine or Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Robert Adams, EdD, MPH, FASRT, FAAMD

Clinical Assistant Professor; Director, Radiation Therapy and Medical Dosimetry Education Programs; Member, Healthcare Engineering Division

Elaine M. Zeman, Ph.D.

Research Associate Professor, Cancer Biology Division

Bhisham Chera, MD

Associate Professor; Associate Chair of Clinical Operations and Improvement; Director of Patient Safety and Quality

Eric Schreiber, PhD

Associate Professor, Physics and Computing Division

Panayiotis Mavroidis, PhD

Clinical Associate Professor; Physics and Computing Division

Ronald Chen, MD, MPH

Associate Professor; Radiation Oncology Residency Program Director; Associate Chair for Education

Ellen Jones, MD, PhD

Clinical Professor; Vice Chair of Radiation Oncology

Jun Lian, PhD

Clinical Associate Professor

Lukasz Mazur, PhD

Assistant Professor; Head of Healthcare Engineering Division

Leith Rankine, MS, DABR

Clinical Instructor/Medical Physicist

Prithima Reddy-Mosaly, PhD, MHA

Research Assistant Professor

Joel Tepper, MD

Hector MacLean Distinguished Professor of Cancer Research

Tong Zhu, PhD, DABR

Clinical Assistant Professor

Andrew Wang, MD

Associate Professor

X. Sha Chang, Ph.D.

Professor and Director of Medical Physics Research


David V. Fried, PhD

Clinical Assistant Professor

Michael V. Lawrence, Ph.D.

Clinical Medical Physicist

Donald M. Roback

Chief Medical Physicist

Michael Dance, MS, DABR

Clinical Instructor/Medical Physicist

Matthew Hawkins | RT(R),(T), CMD

Medical Dosimetrist

Jackie Williamson R.T.(T) CMD

Medical Dosimetrist Clinical coordinator of UNC Dosimetry program

David Chang, BS RT(R)(MR)(T) CMD

Medical Dosimetrist

Eric F. Lucas, M.S., DABR

Medical Physicist

Martin Acevedo, CMD

Medical Dosimetrist

James Purvis, CMD

Medical Dosimetrist

Christopher Ward, CMD

Medical Dosimetrist

Amy A. Lindsey, MA, RT(R)(T), CMD

Medical Dosimetrist

Trevor Cook, BS, RT(T), CMD

Medical Dosimetrist

James P. Durand, RT(R) (T), CMD

Medical Dosimetrist

Ross James McGurk, PhD, DABR

Clinical Assistant Professor / Medical Physicist

Larry Douglas Potter, PhD, DABR

Clinical Medical Physicist