This division optimizes healthcare delivery throughout all clinics (Chapel Hill, Raleigh, High Point) by coaching lean techniques, researching better ways to improve, and managing the Good Catch program, and leading activities such as A3, Kaizen, and Express Workouts.

DHE Faculty and Staff

Lukasz Mazur, PhD
Lukasz Masur, PhD
Division Chief
Alison Amos, PhD; Coach
Alison Amos, PhD
Prithima Mosaly, PhD, AEP
Prithima Mosaly, PhD, AEP

Male PlaceholderDeen Gu

Female Placeholder
Sara Stokes

DHE Students

Xie Dong; DHE Student
Xie Dong

Male Placeholder
Clark Howell

DHE Steering Committee

Robert Adams, EdD
Robert Adams, EdD

Bhisham Chera
Bhisham Chera, MD

Lawrence Marks, MD
Lawrence Marks, MD

Patricia Saponaro; Associate Chair for Administration
Patricia Saponaro, MS, MBA