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Medical Physics Resident


Greg Szalkowski’s research career began as an undergraduate student at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where his projects included modeling and designing an electron gun to vaporize lithium in the LTX fusion device. He is the Department of Radiation Oncology’s first 3-year medical physics resident. Dr. Szalkowski’s two main projects are related to machine learning. One is creating synthetic CT images from MR images taken using a fiducial enhancing sequence to allow for an MR-only workflow for CyberKnife prostate treatments. The other is developing a machine learning model capable of automatically planning (and adaptively replanning) prostate cancer treatments.


PhD, Medical Physics, Georgia Institute of Technology (2014–2019)
Thesis: “Spatially Fractionated Radiotherapy Using Electron and Photon Minibeams”
Thesis Advisor: C.K. Wang
MS, Medical Physics, Georgia Institute of Technology (2014–2017)
BS, Nuclear and Radiological Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology (2010–2014)

Greg Szalkowski
  • Radiation Oncology