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Ryan Morse Old Well

MD, University of Kansas School of Medicine


What brought you to radiation oncology?

I went into medical school to tackle the biggest, ugliest thing in medicine and to me that was oncology. Too many loved ones are taken from us and I wanted to take on this challenge. Early in clinical rotations I was drawn to caring for oncology patients and with my background in engineering I really enjoyed the technical details and research involved with radiation oncology.

What do you like about UNC RadOnc?

You’re given all of the tools to succeed. We are provided with time for reading, contouring, finishing notes, and ample research opportunities. The staff is amazing, from the front desk assistants all the way to the chairman.

What has surprised you about your UNC RadOnc residency?

How closely we work with medical and surgical oncology specialties in the multidisciplinary cancer center. How quickly you can be given responsibility and research opportunities. The input during chart rounds and simulation review is also a great learning opportunity and all of the attendings are heavily involved.