A master list of all project pages within the department

Single cell irradiation
Goal: To develop a novel multi-pixel single cell microbeam irradiation system that can irradiate many individually selected single cells or cellular regions simultaneously or in a time sequence under microscope observation.
Micro-RT irradiation
Goal: To develop a high spatial and temporal resolution micro-RT system for small animal model radiation research using nanotube field emission technology.
Related CNT field emission research projects
The Otto Zhou Research lab, in the UNC Department of Physics & Astronomy, develops carbon nanotubes (CNT) and nanowires into novel devices: research, people, publications, facilities.
Clinical significance based IMRT QA approach
Goal: reconstruct the 3D dose distribution from the 2D intensity maps collected during IMRT QA.
Treating multiple tumors simultaneously with a 4-bank mMLC
Goal: Does this setup sacrifice dose quality?
Dose difference of Nucletron HDR planning with 3-source localization methods
Goal: does localization affect dose?
Film to CT Registration to Accumulate Dose of BRT & EBRT Planning for Cervical Cancer
Goal: register QA films to improve cumulative dose estimate
Mechanical deformation FEM of the prostate caused by endorectal imaging probes (IGRT, ART)
M-reps provide a framework for automatically building 3D hexahedral meshes to compute physically correct mechanical deformations via the Finite Element Method (FEM). This approach is being used in clinical studies involving CT and MR images for brachytherapy dosimetry by collaborators at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.
Automatic segmentation of the male pelvis for IGRT and ART
Goal: to reduce user variability that can affect clinical decisions by statistically training shape models representing internal organs for better targeting.
Radiation treatment under respiratory motion
Goal: predict a patient’s breathing cycle to account for motion during planning and treatment
TRUS augmented by MRI/MRSI for prostate interventions
Goal: merge US with MR to visualize targets for biopsy needles, radioactive seeds and ablation instruments.
Develop resources for external users of PLanUNC
Goal: provide PLanUNC source code to any researcher who wants to enhance it for their own radiotherapy experiments.
Software toolkit for multi-image registration and segmentation
Goal: create a free application for segmentation and registration of image sequences in IGRT and ART.
Prostate IGRT using Deformable Image Registration
Goal: deform prostate to avoid high dose to the anterior wall of the rectum
Gastrointestinal Cancer SPORE
Goal: use of combined modality therapy in the treatment of diseases of the GI tract, and assessing possible biological indicators of treatment response.
Breast Cancer SPORE
Goal: use a team approach to review cases before treatment begins, rather than after treatment decisions have been made.