Goal: To develop a high spatial and temporal resolution micro-RT system for small animal model radiation research using nanotube field emission technology.

Sha Chang (PI), Sigen Wang, Eric Schreiber, Gregg Tracton, Otto Zhou*
*Department of Physics 7 Astronomy, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

We propose to develop a novel x-ray pixel beam array micro-RT system using carbon nanotube field emission.  The radiation field shape, intensity modulation, and their variation with time are defined electronically by activating a selected set of CNT field emission x-ray pixel beams.  Once developed the micro-RT will be integrated with the CNT micro-CT already developed by our collaborator Dr. Zhou’s group to form an integrated micro-CT-RT system.  The micro-CT-RT system is expected to deliver image-guided (IGRT) and intensity-modulated (IMRT) irradiation analogous to the state of the art radiotherapy many of our patients receive today but at the scale of a mouse.

CNT Treatment Field

Simulated treatment planning of mouse irradiation by the CNT x-ray pixel beam array micro-RT system under development by our group.

CNT pixel beams

CNT field emission x-ray pixel beam micro-RT system