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This research program is headed by Dr. Sha Chang and involves development of novel radiation research and clinical devices based on carbon nanotube (CNT) field emission technology (FE).

The program leverages a close research collaboration with Dr. Otto Zhou’s group in the department of Physics & Astronomy. The multidisciplinary research team includes medical physicists, material scientists, and cancer biologists. Field emission is a quantum effect that emits electrons from a cathode under the control of a surface electronic field. CNTs are excellent field emitters and CNT field emission technology has been used in Zhou’s group to develop medical imaging devices such as micro-CT for animal model research and tomosynthesis for clinical application. Our program is focused on the development of CNT field emission technology applications in radiation oncology. We currently (as of 2010) have several research projects funded by NIH grants to develop CNT field emission based single cell Irradiation, micro-CT and micro-RT systems.


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