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HIPAA Training for Employees/Students

Click here to take the UNC HIPAA training which is an annual requirement.

Shadow Student or Hospital Visitor HIPAA Training

Click here for Shadow Student and Hospital Visitor registration and HIPAA training. UNC HCS requires that all Shadow Students or Visitors complete the HIPAA training and sign a Confidentiality Statement. HIPAA training certificates are not available for this training; your registration in the UNC HCS database confirms you have read and understood the training module.

For further information, please review the UNC HCS Shadow Student or Visitor Policy (S-10).

You are required to print and sign a copy of the UNC HCS Confidentiality Statement and submit the original to Volunteer Services when obtaining your visitor badge. Your sponsoring department should also keep a copy.

HIPAA Business Associate Training

Business Associates may review the UNC HIPAA training module if they do not have another training source.