Governance ("Big SHAC")

Governance ("Big SHAC")

SHAC is an interdisciplinary, student-run organization that provides direct service to underserved members of our community and learning opportunities for students from across the Schools of Social Work, Public Health, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy.

SHAC is composed of a number of semi-autonomous branches, including the Dental and Medical clinics, Beyond Clinic Walls, Outreach, and many others.  The graphic below is a rough approximation of our leadership structure:

SHAC Leadership Structure

Coordinating Council (CC) ("Big SHAC")

SHAC's CC is the managing and governing body for SHAC.  It guides the strategic direction of SHAC and oversees the operations of the clinics and outreach activities.  It is also responsible for coordinating the interdisciplinary activities of its members, and being the external face of SHAC.  

The purpose of the SHAC organizational structure is to clearly define the processes required to carry out SHAC activities and to delineate roles as necessary to efficiently fulfill the organization’s goals.

The CC is divided into three branches composed of:

  1. Representatives from each health professional program
  2. Staff functional and operational roles
  3. Leaders from the medical and dental clinics
Below is an approximation of our top-level leadership structure:
SHAC CC Leadership Positions
Please see the following information packet for additional details on the individual roles and responsibilities within the Coordinating Council: