Services at SHAC

Operational StructureSHAC provides a variety of services to our uninsured and underinsured community members. These services are divided into the following three categories: projects, programs, and clinics. Projects are temporary initiatives in which students propose new services to administer under the umbrella of SHAC. Programs are former projects that do not have end dates and are reviewed annually by the leadership board. Clinics are programs that consistently operate within a defined physical space. For more information on each type of service, please see the descriptions and links below:

Established weekly services providing basic clinical evaluations and interventions to community members.

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Amigas En Salud (community)
  • Beyond Clinic Walls (community)
  • Bridge to Care (clinic)
  • Classroom to Community (community)
  • Flourish (community)
  • Get Covered Carolina (clinic)
  • Refugee Health Initiative (community)
  • Interpreting (clinic/community)
  • SHAC Outreach (community)
  • SHAC HIV (clinic/community)

New, provisional services developed and administered by students.

  • Fitness Breaks
  • IHI

SHAC also maintains a list of additional resources available in and around the Triangle area. For more information on the structure and services offered at SHAC, please contact the .