Classes, programs, and summer opportunities.

AHEC Interpreter Training Courses

The Area Health Education Centers of North Carolina offer Interpreter Training Courses for all levels. For quality instruction please visit the link below and search for “Interpreter Training” in your area.

Honduran Health Alliance (HHA)

The Honduran Health Alliance is an international alliance of organizations working together in the areas of education, capacity building, health and development. Member groups are dedicated to common ideals of cooperation and partnership coupled with self-determination to facilitate our on-going work. The current focus of our work is promoting women’s health and community development.

Each summer, a group of UNC medical and public health students travels to Honduras for a women’s health education and screening project. Students visit six partner communities where they live with families and give health education talks for community women. One goal is supporting local lay health promoters to teach men and women about basic health issues. Supervised by UNC physicians, students also organize and run a screening clinic for community women.

Proyecto Puentes de Salud (PPS)

The founding goal of Proyecto Puentes de Salud (PPS) is to ameliorate health care inequalities by serving as a “health bridge” between underserved Latino communities—both in North Carolina and in Mexico—and needed health services. Our method for building this bridge is twofold: first, to provide quality medical attention to underserved and disadvantaged communities in Guanajuato, Mexico, and second, to conduct meaningful research that will inform effective intervention programs in the future.

Since the summer of 2006, PPS has been serving Juventino Rosas, a community within the state of Guanajuato, Mexico, each summer with health screenings and educational presentations. This year, PPS is thrilled to be expanding our scope to include a new project in the nearby town of San Miguel de Allende, also in Guanajuato.

AmeriSpan SALUD

SALUD Medical Spanish or Portuguese is a language-learning program developed by AmeriSpan for pre-med & medical students, doctors, nursing students, nurses, physician assistants, EMTs and those involved in public health. Many AMSA (American Medical Student Association) members make it a point to attend a program during medical school. The program offers participants the opportunity to learn Spanish or Portuguese while learning about another country’s medical system. The program combines language learning, medical terminology in a foreign language, cultural excursions and activities and hands on service learning in most locations. Students may be able to get credit for an international rotation!


CHICLE opened in 1999 and is a full-service, locally owned language institute located in Chapel Hill/Carrboro, North Carolina. We benefit from our location near the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and are able to teach a wide variety of languages, as well as some advanced classes that combine language and literature. We have an excellent program for both children and adults. and offer a wide variety of services to businesses and professionals.