For UNC Students

SHAC has many programs, both clinical and community-based, at which currently enrolled undergraduates and graduate students in the health professions may volunteer.

SHAC has volunteer opportunities in the following roles:

  1. Medical Clinic
  2. Community Outreach Programs
  3. Project Development
If you are interested in specific opportunities open to your school or discipline that aren't listed here, please get in contact with your school's SHAC representative below.

Opportunities by School

To see the roles for which various types of students are currently eligible, see our SHAC Clinic and Outreach Roles table.

If you have additional questions about opportunities, you may email the points of contact below for your specific school.

Eric Lee & Samantha Luu

Rachel Nash

Elizabeth Freeman

Brett Henson
Public Health
Seve Gaskin
Joanna Fullmer
Jordan Carrera
Shannon Carey Physical Therapy
Sarah van der Horst

1. Medical Clinic

For descriptions of volunteer responsibilities by role, please see first our Clinic Volunteer Roles Summary.

To find out more information about clinic volunteering opportunities, you may email the points of contact below: 

Continuity of Care
Jeff Schmeckpeper
Front Desk
Tim Waer
HIV Counseling
Macon Lowman
Christina Dean
Med Team Junior
Kaleb Keyserling
Med Team Senior
Andrea Dotson
Megan Shah
Lina Carballo
Nicole Palazzolo
Physical Therapy
Sarah van der Horst
Public Health
Seve Gaskin
Natalia Smirnova
Social Work
Ali Brown
Julia Nugent
Lexi Pagnatta

For general questions about Medical Clinic volunteering, contact the Clinic Co-Directors here.


2. Community Outreach

Descriptions of our current community initiatives can be found on our Community Programs page.

If you are interested in volunteering with any of those programs, please e-mail their respective points of contact:

Amanda Lee

Malika Rakhmankulova
Melissa Rolfsen

If you are interesting in participating in or developing a health fair with SHAC, or helping out with our Spring build with Habitat for Humanity, please e-mail their respective points of contact:

Elena Adamo

Claire Scott

For any further questions, please contact SHAC's Director of Outreach & Communication, .


3. Project Development

SHAC is committed to assisting in the development of programs and improvements that are in line with our mission of quality patient care, sustainable community initiatives, and interdisciplinary service-learning.  SHAC is interested in helping all students in the health professional schools plan and develop their projects, and help ease the difficulties in bringing together an interdisciplinary group of volunteers.

The requirements for submitting a project proposal to SHAC are located on our Project Management Process page, along with a list of proposed and active projects.