SHAC volunteers are comprised entirely of UNC affiliated individuals, including students, faculty and university staff. Volunteers fill a variety of roles, from direct patient care to care coordination to administrative support. Positions at SHAC consist of single-event volunteering opportunities and year-long commitments. The pages mentioned below provide additional information and resources for current and pending volunteers.

This page is reserved for active members of the SHAC program and contains:

  • SHAC governance structure and by-laws
  • Current leadership contact information
  • Volunteer feedback form
  • Program-specific volunteer information

Volunteers participating at SHAC must sign in with their Onyen to access this page.

This page is for parties interested in becoming SHAC volunteers as members of the leadership team, annual staff, single-event staff, and clinical attendings. Here you will find:

  • Hiring process diagram
  • Job description handbook
  • Volunteer eligibility table
  • Complete SHAC Qualtrics application

All volunteers must be currently affiliated with the UNC network.

Thank you to all of our volunteers who provide a much needed service to our community!