Office of Research Team

The people who make up the team led by Vice Dean Magnuson.


Terry Magnuson                                      
Terry Magnuson, PhD                                      David Peden, MD
Vice Dean for Research                                   Assoc. Dean for      
                                                                          Translational Research
919-962-5977                                                  919-966-0768

Bob Duronio                                Blossom Damania   
Robert Duronio, PhD                                   Blossom Damania, PhD
Asst. Dean for Research                             Asst. Dean for Research
919-962-4568                                             919-843-6011
                                                             Jennifer Brennan                                    Dede Corvinus
Jennifer Brennan, PhD                                Dede Corvinus, PhD  
Director, Off. of Research                            Assoc. Director, Off. of Res.
919-966-8089                                            919-966-4297

Carol Herion

Carol Herion
Business Services Coordinator
Office of Research

Core Facilities

Mike Topal                                 
Mike Topal, PhD                                              Annabelle Stein
Assistant Dean for Core                                 Associate Director, Core
Technologies                                                  Technologies
919-966-8208                                              919-843-9554

Chris Barker
Chris Barker, PhD
Director of
Special Projects

Graduate Education

Jean Cook
Jean Cook, PhD
Associate Dean for
Graduate Education

Industry Relations

Joyce Tan
Joyce Tan, PhD
Industry Liaison Officer, SOM