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Social and Health Systems 3 (SHS3) seminars engage third-semester medical students with scholarship on health, illness, and medical care in a variety of humanities, social science, and medical fields. Students choose a seminar from a wide range of subjects (see current offerings below). The seminars meet weekly throughout the 3rd semester.

These seminars build on material introduced in the first-year survey course Social and Health Systems 1/2. In SHS3, students immerse themselves in scholarship on a topic of interest. The seminars vary widely in content, encompassing everything from bioethics, health and human rights, and writing narrative medicine to health disparities, global health, the evolution and production of knowledge about disease, and much more. All seminars share objectives, goals, requirements, and competencies common to the SHS3 course. Students refine skills of critical thinking in presentations, seminar discussions, and research and writing assignments.

Barry Saunders is lead Course Director for Social and Health Systems 3. Raul Necochea is SHS 3 co-Course Director.

2020 SHS3 Seminars