Social Medicine has two awards that are given annually to medical students: the Cecil Sheps Award (presented at graduation ceremonies in May) and the Alan W. Cross Paper Award (presented at the Whitehead Lecture in August).

The Cecil Sheps Award

The Cecil Sheps Award goes to a member of the graduating class “who over four years of undergraduate medical training, demonstrates both academic excellence in and practical commitment to the principles of Social Medicine.” Department faculty nominate students from a list of students who have performed at an honors level in at least one of the Social Medicine course offerings. They also are asked to consider “the student’s involvement in a research or service project which seeks to extend understanding of an aspect of Social Medicine or by clinical work, for example in a community clinic, which promotes the application of the principles of Social Medicine.” The conditions further specify that the recipient should have demonstrated “consistent interest” in Social Medicine. A committee selects the recipient from the nominations received.

Cecil Sheps Award Recipients

  • 1989 Laurel Kristin Leslie
  • 1990 Marcus George Pleseia
  • 1991 Robert Lewis Cook
  • 1992 Grace Thompson Ayscue
  • 1993 Rochelle Monique Brandon
  • 1994 Philip Lee Baird
  • 1995 Barbra Paula Bluestone
  • 1996 Scott Michael Klenzak
  • 1997 John Kenneth Petty
  • 1998 Farr Andrews Curlin
  • 1999 Maija Holsti
  • 2000 Romulo Ernesto Colindres, Jr. & Seth Christopher Collings Hawkins
  • 2001 Evelyn L. Falls
  • 2002 Manoj P. Menon
  • 2003 Patrick Edwin Link
  • 2004 William A. Fisher II
  • 2005 Abraham Michael Nussbaum
  • 2006 Lee McCalla Hampton
  • 2007 James G. Wallace, Jr.
  • 2008 Avik Chatterjee
  • 2009 Andrew M Courtwright
  • 2010 Rachel Fesperman Woodruff
  • 2011 Jonathan F. Wells
  • 2012 Cara K. Berkowitz and Amy Marietta
  • 2013 Dinushika Mohottige and Daniel White
  • 2014 Mary Elizabeth Ward Lambert and Amy Nayo
  • 2015 Marshall Alexander Ahearn
  • 2016 Milele Bynum
  • 2017 Rivers Woodward

Alan W. Cross Social Medicine Paper Award

The Social Medicine Paper Award was established in 1996 as part of the program for celebrating the Department of Social Medicine’s two decades. It was renamed the Alan W. Cross Social Medicine Paper Award in 2012 in honor of the late chair of the department. The award recognizes the unique and exceptional scholarship that is produced by students while in Social Medicine classes. The winner is awarded a cash prize and a certificate at the annual Whitehead Lecture.

Alan W. Cross Social Medicine Paper Award Recipients

  • 1997 Ramesh Krishnaraj
  • 1998 Jeffrey Kaiser
  • 1999 Rachel E. Reisner
  • 2000 Claire Farel
  • 2001 Laura Raftery
  • 2002 Paul D. Ossman
  • 2003 Juliet E. Klasing and Savannah N. Crites
  • 2004 Christy Barbee
  • 2005 Vaia Y. Sigounas
  • 2006 Rebecca D. Silver
  • 2007 Stefan J. Mlot
  • 2008 Gabriel Cade
  • 2009 Kelly Salter
  • 2010 Rachel Hines
  • 2011 Daniel J. Green
  • 2012 Brooke Crossley and Stephen D. Kimmel
  • 2013 Jenny J. Shen
  • 2014 Eric Tan
  • 2015 Jennifer Claytor
  • 2016 Tendai Kwaramba
  • 2017 Constance Morrison