Social Medicine Faculty Teaching in the College of Arts & Sciences

Various Social Medicine faculty members have adjunct appointments with departments in Arts & Sciences—through which they sometimes teach courses and/or participate in graduate students’ qualifying exams and thesis/dissertation committees:

Graduate seminars offered by Social Medicine faculty have sometimes been taught in conjunction with Humanities & Social Sciences Seminars offered to 2nd-year medical students.

UNC’s Honors Program Minor in “Literature, Medicine, & Culture” has supported several recent undergraduate courses taught by Social Medicine faculty members, including Terrence Holt and Barry Saunders. One course in this Minor taught by Jane Thrailkill (English) has shared sessions and exercises with special sections of the Medicine & Society course taught to 1st-year medical students.

Since 2013, a Masters of Arts program in Literature, Medicine, & Culture, offering a 1-year MA degree, has incorporated Social Medicine faculty members’ graduate seminars. This degree program, based in the Department of English, includes multi-disciplinary, cross-departmental faculty and courses from across the University. It serves advanced undergraduate students who complete Bachelor degree requirements in 3 years, students with special preparation in medical humanities, and medical students (or other Health Affairs students) who seek scholarly training to complement their professional training. Students in UNC’s School of Medicine can earn this interdisciplinary degree before completing their MD, in much the same way that a significant number currently earn a Master’s in Public Health. Social Medicine faculty member Terrence Holt was one of the principal architects of the program, with several other faculty members involved in planning and course development—including Barry Saunders, Sue Estroff, Raúl Necochea, Mara Buchbinder, and Rebecca Walker. Medical students interested in this program should consult with Barry Saunders, the program’s medical school liaison.