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Multiple forms of stigma may increase risk for mental illness and cardiovascular disease among Black and Latina Transgender Women Living with HIV.

The research, led by Tonia Poteat, PhD, MPH, PA-C, in the Department of Social Medicine is highlighting the ways that stigma and stress affect health outcomes for Black and Latina Transgender women.  According to recent findings, Black and Latina transgender women carry a disproportionate burden of HIV.  Among transgender women living with HIV, 44% are black and 26% are Latina.  Black and Latina transgender women living with HIV face multiple sources of stigma and discrimination based on their intersecting racial, ethnic, and gender identities, along with their HIV status.

LITE Plus is a newly launched study led by Dr. Tonia Poteat in UNC’s Department of Social Medicine that examines the relationship between intersectional stigma, stress, and HIV comorbidities among Black and Latina transgender women living with HIV.