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Bioethics@UNC seminar: Informed Consent and Mental Disability Rights in the Israeli Setting.

Bondurant Hall, 2030

Bioethics@UNC (BUNC) seminar: Shlomit Zuckerman, LLB, PhD,  Associate Director of the new Bioethics and Law Center, at Tel Aviv University’s Sackler Faculty of Medicine.   Acquired her PhD in bioethics from the Case Western doctoral program.  She recently served as the ethics consultant to the Israeli Ministry of Health Committee on the Management of Sperm Donation, … Read more

Work In Progress Meeting: Obesity prevention, health disparities, and the food system

Bondurant Hall, 2030

Larissa Calancie, PhD CHER Post Doctoral Fellow The Center for Health Equity Research's (CHER) Work In Progress Meetings are a monthly presentation series that allows CHER Post-Doctoral Fellows and Associates to present their research to a community of scholars and peers to gather constructive feedback and generate investigative conversation.