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The SPO Calculators file

The SPO Calculators file is a one page collection of easy to use calculators to solve questions frequently encountered in Research Administration. As a “Best Practice” the calculator worksheet has been added into the SPO Budget Template File so the SPO Claculators are always readily available.

  • Calendar Months to % Effort
  • % Effort to Calendar Months
  • % Effort to Days in Week
  • Days in Week to % Effort
  • Reduce PI’s Initial Effort
  • Hourly Rate
  • Direct Cost Indirect Cost Rate
  • Indirect Cost Rate Total Cost
  • Less than one FTE to Persons Months
  • Percent Effort to Person Months for Calendar, Academic and Summer
  • 3 Different Appointment types

Please visit the Sponsored Programs Office Downloads page and download your copy of the SPO Budget Template Workbook today.

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