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Does your department have a procedure to manage the Internal Proposal Deadline SOP?

The University has OSR Policy 300.3 which provides the full details the Internal Deadlines for Proposal Submissions to University Offices. The SPO Due Dates file is intended to provide assistance to help Principal Investigators (PI) prepare application packages for a successful submission. This tool simply shows the team when the different parts of the application are due. This file has been added into the SPO Budget Template File

Best Practices for this tool is

  • To make this available to the PI.
  • To use the tool when the PI informs the research administration team that they plan to submit an application.
  • The new investigator will find this a helpful project management tool as they submit their first several applications.
  • The seasoned investigator already understands the value of a project management tool like this as they prepare complex proposals while collaborating with many co-investigators.

The SPO Due Dates file is comprehensive yet simple to use.

Please visit the Sponsored Programs Office Downloads page and download your copy of the SPO Budget Template Workbook today.

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