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UNC School of Medicine
Strategic Plan

The UNC School of Medicine aims to be the top public School of Medicine in the nation. Check out our strategic initiatives and priorities that will bring us towards that goal.


Our overarching aspiration is to be the nation’s leading public school of medicine. Keeping that goal in mind, we embarked on a thorough year-long strategic planning process. After much input from faculty, staff, students, and other members of the School of Medicine community, we have identified six major focus imperatives that will help us reach our goal:

  • Research that is highly innovative and aimed towards making a difference in our patients’ lives
  • Education that prepares healthcare leaders of the future – in service to our state, nation and beyond
  • Faculty that can thrive and make a difference in their chosen career paths
  • Community service and impact at the state, national and global levels
  • Diversity that reflects the populations we serve, embedded in a culture where all are included and can prosper
  • An administrative infrastructure and staff that is empowered to fulfill UNC’s mission



Forward Together Portfolio

Beginning in 2018, faculty, staff, learners and the Dean’s Office worked together to create the School of Medicine’s (SOM) 2019-2024 strategic plan, Forward Together. This portfolio outlines how the SOM will reach the desired vision of becoming the top public school of medicine in the nation.