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The UNC School of Medicine strives to operate well and with excellence, which is essential to creating an effective and sustainable organization.

Over the past several years, the School of Medicine has undertaken multiple initiatives to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of administrative, support, and financial systems. Human Resources and financial functions/support have been “centralized” in hubs close to groups of users, with overall positive results.

Administration Strategic Priorities

  • Improve communication effectiveness and nimbleness, both internally and externally
  • Substantially increase philanthropic support for the UNC School of Medicine and UNC Hospitals
  • Consolidate and modernize UNC School of Medicine’s financial services, from budgeting to reporting
  • Provide best-in-class administrative support via a highly qualified and empowered workforce and state-of-the-art resources

Year 4 – Key Accomplishments*

Roper Hall Construction

  • By the end of FY23 certificate of occupancy was received and building completion nears.
  • IT design, install and support the technical infrastructure of Roper Hall. This multi-year effort required technical coordination and curriculum collaboration. SOM-IT networking, audio visual and support teams have planned for the new large footprint of technical infrastructure and support that aligns with the strategic goals of the School.

Communication Achievements

  • Streamlined communications to and from SOM units to improve message cascading.
  • Implemented content updates to Vital Signs based on engagement data to improve message delivery across audiences.
  • Organized communications from department chair meetings to improve information flow.
  • Created a School of Medicine homepage strategy and began work with IT to build content refresh packages and web designs templates.

Educational Excellence

Partnered with education leaders enhance technical ecosystem to best support medical education business practices.

  • Reorganized educational data environment to improve security, data integrity and infrastructure in alignment with new MD curriculum.

Operational Excellence

Provided technical guidance and consultation on business practices through support and collaboration with faculty, staff and students.

  • SOM IT has participated in onboarding over 1,100 new employees.
  • Resolved over 22,000 support tickets and 13,800 live chats.
  • Managed over 160 technical projects in support of our SOM missions.


Protected SOM data and employee through a diligent security program: sustaining 0 account compromises, no monetary losses from scams/social engineering, and no significant malware infections in FY 22-23. Key highlights:

  • Managed a significant increase in security and compliance oversight for SOM purchases with 150 Data Protection Checklist (DPC) reviews/consults in FY 22-23, a 60% increase from FY21-22 (94 DPCs).
  • Completed a series of three SOM-wide phishing emulations with positive feedback for phish reporting, instructional landing pages with clickable elements, and remedial training components.
  • Increased encryption compliance from 83% to 97% for SOM laptops and improved client experience by removing PIN requirement during logon.


Partnered with faculty and research leadership to provide technical guidance to support research business practices.

  • Expanded research data movement through Globus implementation. Supported advanced research computing functions through Google research relationship.
  • Maintained relationship with NC TraCS for pathways clinical research data.
  • Facilitated collaboration for training using cloud resources.
  • Partnered with Odum Institute to create validated research archive.
  • Supported of development of Clinical Research Alliance (CRA) to coordinate large clinical trials for SOM.

One Budget Initiative

  • Clinical departments, Basic Science departments and Centers continued to use the submission framework developed in FY20 to submit departmental budgets on a similar timeline with a unified review and approval process incorporating all missions.

Mobile Financial Reporting Capabilities.

  • Automated the FY24 budget review slides as well as the Chair packages by using Tableau.
  • Refined the financial dashboard report for SOM units.

*Year 4 through June 31, 2023

Tracking Implementation Progress – Year 5, Q2

Priority Status
6A. Improve communication effectiveness and nimbleness, both internally and externally On Track
6B. Substantially increase philanthropic support for the UNC School of Medicine and UNC Hospitals Complete
6C. Consolidate and modernize UNC SOM’s financial services, from budgeting to reporting On Track
6D. Provide best-in-class administrative support via a highly-qualified and empowered workforce and state-of-the-art resources On Track


UNC Health Foundation Annual Report

Imperative Administration

The administration imperative priorities span the communication, philanthropy, finance, information technology, and administrative functions of our institution. Working and planning together, we partner to ensure that we provide best-in-class services that support our tripart missions.