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We have long invested in a variety of programs to support diversity. The creation of the School of Medicine Office of Inclusive Excellence was a result of the 2012 UNC School of Medicine Strategic Plan.

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Framework is the foundation of the School of Medicine’s strategy strategy to increase diversity and build and sustain an inclusive working and learning environment.

Diversity Strategic Priorities

  • Recruit and retain diverse faculty, staff, and learners
  • Cultivate an environment that promotes a more inclusive culture
  • Strengthen institutional infrastructure and systems to support diversity, equity and inclusion efforts

Year 4 – Key Accomplishments*

Strengthen DEI Infrastructure

  • Developed a partnership with Novant to better engage communities in the southeast through the Southeastern Rural Vocational Experiences (S.E.R.V.E.) Initiative, which builds relationships with community partners and schools in Southeastern North Carolina to develop a future healthcare workforce through the exposure and connection of pathways for students
  • Established a DEI Research and Evaluation area in order to better understand the influence of equity and inclusion work across our school and state
  • Facilitated innovation through a DEI Mini Grant Program that supported equity and inclusion work happening within academic departments, centers, and administrative units

Build and Sustain a More Diverse Community

  • Built on the initial successes of the MED EXCEL program and graduated a second cohort of students
  • Partnered with the Office of Research to host the second cohort of postdoctoral scholars as participants in the Rising Star Program
  • Since 2019, the ODEI has been able to support the successful recruitment or retention of 29 highly qualified underrepresented faculty members across our research and clinical areas

Cultivate an Inclusive Culture

  • Offered “Becoming an Upstander” workshop for clinical and basic science departments to share strategies about how to create a working and learning environment where all students, faculty, trainees, and staff feel safe and valued
  • Partnered with the Office of Faculty Affairs and Leadership Development to address organizational climate
    • 2023 DEI Leadership Retreat for SOM leaders
    • SOM Learning Communities to facilitate the sharing of ideas and best practices among leaders
  • Supporting departmental action items based on data from the 2022 SOM and UNC Health DEI Climate Study

*Year 4 through June 31, 2023

Tracking Implementation Progress – Year 5, Q2

Priority Status
5A. Build and sustain a more diverse community reflective of those we serve On Track
5B. Cultivate an environment that promotes a more inclusive culture On Track
5C. Strengthen institutional infrastructure and systems to support DEI efforts On Track

Imperative Administration

Each generation has a chance to create social change and make this world better for marginalized and oppressed groups. The DEI priorities expressed in Forward Together help move us closer to our goal of one day eliminating the oppression and marginalization of diverse people and groups in our state and society. To do so, would allow everyone to lead a healthy and high-quality life.