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Our world-class faculty are leaders in their fields and devoted educators. The UNC School of Medicine is deeply committed to supporting our faculty in their academic endeavors.

As an institution, we strive to promote an equitable and inclusive setting where our colleagues can excel in the interrelated areas of research, education, and patient care, and where the vision of leadership is based on the premise that leadership is not isolated to those who hold prominent positions.

Accordingly, our strategic priorities focus on fostering an environment in which our faculty thrive. Since we know that several factors including career stage, gender, and other influences mediate faculty needs, we continue to invest in faculty development at all levels with the aim of providing a wide-ranging and customizable portfolio of opportunities for personal reflection and growth. To ensure our faculty have intrapersonal and institutional support along the way, our strategic plan bolsters faculty well-being initiatives and expands upon coaching and mentorship resources.

Faculty Strategic Priorities

  • Establish UNC as a leader in faculty wellness and engagement
  • Foster an institutional climate in which faculty thrive professionally in their careers, and within particular subpopulations
  • Enhance leadership development programming across the faculty career life cycle

Year 4 – Key Accomplishments*

  • We continue to explore faculty perspectives and needs through focus groups. Building on the initial 29 focus groups done in 2020, we hosted 13 more in 2023 and used the resulting faculty input to inform our office’s strategic planning efforts.
  • With an emphasis on supporting faculty progress toward promotion, we continue to enhance our appointments, promotion, and tenure resources to help faculty navigate the process.
  • We established a network of faculty affairs liaisons across the institution to encourage bi-directional communication related to issues affecting the faculty.
  • We also continue to support a network of well-being liaisons with representatives in every School of Medicine department. In 2023, this group of liaisons developed a proposal for the What To Fix (WTF) Campaign, a strategy to identify and prioritize current issues that detract from well-being. The issues, along with faculty-developed solutions, will be delivered to SOM leadership as part of future strategic planning efforts.
  • In partnership with the UNC Health Foundation, we continued to offer childcare support resources for our community including subsidized, on-demand childcare through the Juggle platform.
  • We provided six travel scholarships to support faculty participation in AAMC-hosted Leadership Development seminars.
  • Introduced in 2023, the Academy of Educators Teaching Bootcamp 2.0 builds on our original Bootcamp 1.0 and shifts the focus from teaching skills to skills needed to thrive in a career in medical education.
  • The Academy of Educators also re-released AOE Essentials, now with 1.5 hours of CME credit available. These faculty onboarding modules cover the basics of teaching, and the initial package includes an overview of UNC, UME, and GME, expectation setting, filling out evaluations, and giving effective feedback.
  • We introduced the Professional Development: Discover Your Superpower series, a program designed to equip faculty in the School of Medicine with specific skills needed for success. The program covers a range of experiential skills, such as time management, negotiation, and communication.
  • The Association of Professional Women in Medical Sciences (APWIMS) provided networking and programming opportunities for more than 200+ women.
  • We introduced the Leading Transformation in Academic Medicine (LTAM) program, a highly interactive, in-depth leadership development opportunity for high-achieving, mid-career faculty who aspire to increased levels of leadership within the institution.
  • We also introduced the Leadership in Academic Medicine Program (LAMP), an eight-month, cohort-based faculty development and orientation program for faculty in the second or third year of their appointment at UNC.
  • We continued to expand the School of Medicine Coaching Academy. More than 40 colleagues have completed the Leader as Coach program, a 14-hour program designed to equip participants with fundamental coaching skills. Nine colleagues have completed an intensive, ICF-accredited training program to serve as peer coaches and are now available to provide coaching through our matching program.

*Year 4 through June 31, 2023

Tracking Implementation Progress – Year 5, Q2

Priority Status
3A. Establish UNC as a leader in faculty wellness and engagement On Track
3B. Foster an institutional climate in which faculty thrive professionally in their careers, and within particular subpopulations On Track
3C. Enhance leadership development programming across the faculty career lifecycle On Track

Faculty News

Imperative Administration

Faculty are the single most important resource of the UNC School of Medicine, and we are deeply committed to supporting faculty vitality and success. We are encouraged by our progress so far, and we know there is still work to be done. We welcome faculty input and engagement; it is critical to ensuring the institution is being responsive to faculty needs.