Below are the strategic priorities and initiatives for research. Each point underneath a numerated strategic priority is an initiative and will guide us to become the top in research:

1. Develop a vision and plan to guide investment for UNC to achieve national/global leadership in top research thematic areas 

  • Clarify areas for focused efforts (e.g., precision medicine, neuroscience, immunology, infectious disease, global health, cancer, other); engage and coordinate with other UNC health professions schools
  • Charge teams with generating “business plans”: articulate UNC vision & proposed approach, associated resource needs
  • Work with University and UNC Medicine Development to plan and procure necessary funding
  • Continue to strengthen basic research

2. Set clinical departments on a path towards national leadership in research: establish vision, strategy, expectations

  • Develop an institutional plan for nurturing and supporting physician-scientists
  • Prioritize investments to support growth in clinical trials
  • Provide infrastructure/support to facilitate research/scholarship opportunities for full-time clinicians
  • Establish closer links between the basic and clinical departments

3. Increase engagement with industry as part of ongoing effort to grow translational and clinical research

  • Identify and address hurdles for increasing industry-sponsored research
  • Promote the process of entrepreneurship among the faculty, with greater development of SOM intellectual property

4. Strengthen the UNC research infrastructure including organization, governance, and administration to ensure UNC SOM research advances the cutting edge

  • Work with University to develop a coherent strategy for core facilities to ensure ongoing access to technology, while maintaining financial viability; clarify processes and policies for investment, access, and maintenance
  • Invest to maintain and strengthen state-of-the-art computing infrastructure, to enable data science and artificial intelligence
  • Evaluate approach/formula for institutional support of research
  • Work with University to further streamline research administration and infrastructure