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Login to ExamSoft


  1. Open Examplify by double clicking the “Examplify” icon on your desktop or iPad.
  2. Accept the disclaimer by scrolling down and choosing ‘Agree’.
  3. Type UNCMed, then select from the drop-down menu.
  4. Login using your Onyen and Password.
  5. Once the registration check is complete, you will see the Examplify home page, where you can download and start exams.


Downloading an Exam

  1. Once successfully logged into Examplify, there may or may not be exam(s) ready for download. If you do not see the exam you are scheduled to take, click the “refresh exam list” button.
  2. Select an exam from the list and click “download exam”. Note, you must have an active internet connection in order to download. Doing so will download the exam file to your device.
  3. The download progress will begin to show. If the download was successful, the exam will be listed under the section, ‘DOWNLOADED’.
  4. Take a moment to review the exam options and settings, as they will populate beneath the window.

Removing a Downloaded Exam

  1. In some cases, you may need to remove a previously downloaded exam from your computer. If you need to re-download the exam, please verify that the download start and end times are still open prior to removing the download.
  2. Open Examplify.
  3. Click on the Exam File that needs to be removed from the Exam List.
  4. Select ‘Remove Exam Download’.
  5. Make sure to check the box for ‘Remove the exam download’, then select the green ‘Remove Download’ button.
  6. The exam will now be removed and no longer marked as downloaded.


Downloading an Exam (iPad)

  1. Once registered, you will find exams available to download on the left-hand side. Tap the exam name to select the exam. If you do not see the exam you are scheduled to take, tap the Refresh Exam List button or swipe vertically to refresh the list of available exams.
  2. Tap the Download Exam button to download the exam to the device.
  3. If the download was successful, a green check mark will appear next to the downloaded exam. Underneath the main window, you can review the exam details and settings for the exam.

Removing a Downloaded Exam (iPad)

  1. Select the exam you wish to remove on the left-hand side.
  2. Swipe the tile to the left and tap the red Delete.
  3. Follow the on-screen prompts to remove the downloaded exam from the device. Depending on the exam’s download period, this exam may not be available to re-download once removed.
  4. Alternatively, underneath Step 1, you will see the text-option to Remove Exam Download. Before proceeding, double-check to make sure you wish to remove this exam from your machine.
  5. Tapping this option will prompt you with a warning. To proceed, check the box and tap to Remove Download. Depending on the exam’s download period, this exam may not be available to re-download once removed.

If it is after business hours, please email us at

After completing your exam, click the blue “Next” button on the last page of the exam or Click ‘Exam Controls’ and select “Submit Exam.

This will bring up a prompt, allowing you to either “Return To Exam” or “Submit Exam”.

Click “Submit Exam” to continue to exam upload. Once uploaded, a green screen will appear to confirm that your upload was successful. In addition, you will receive an email confirmation. Please note: sometimes the email confirmation will go to your junk/spam folder.

What if my assessment freezes in the middle?

If during your exam, your screen freezes, shutdown your device. Turn your laptop back on and resume the exam when prompted. You may need to contact the proctor to obtain a “resume code”.

For various reasons, it is possible to be kicked out of an assessment. If this happens, please contact your proctor to obtain a “resume code” in order to continue taking the assessment.

An ExamSoft practice exam will be available starting in late July.