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Login to Sakai


  • To add all course calendars, navigate to the calendar on your Sakai Home Page.
  • Click on “Publish (private)”. This will display a link, allowing you to subscribe to the calendar. After selecting the link, this will sync to your personal calendar
  • Navigate to your Sakai Home Page (this is your landing page when logging into Sakai)
  • Navigate to “Sites”
  • Clicking the star will either add or remove the course from your favorite bar
    • (yellow = add, white = remove)
  • To organize your favorites bar, select the “Organize Favorites” tab. Click and drag the order in which you would like your courses to appear.
  • View the combined class calendar.

*Click on a date to reveal all events happening that day.

  • Navigate to block/course sites at top of page. (Known as Favorites Bar)
  • Click on individual course names at the top to locate information about each block
  • Click on “Sites” to see other courses that you are registered in that do not appear in the top navigation pane.

  • After you log in, you will automatically enter your private site named “My Workspace.” In your left menu, click on Preferences. Click and drag your sites to position them in the location you want them displayed.
    • Favorite Sites: Displayed at the top of your screen
    • Active Sites: Displayed in the “More Sites” tab at the top of your screen
    • Archived Sites: Hidden but available through My Workspace > Worksite Setup

Example Navigation: Physical Therapy