In addition to running programs throughout the state, the North Carolina Jaycee Burn Center’s outreach staff has also conducted training internationally.

In August 2009, Ernest Grant, Director of Burn Prevention and Community Outreach at the Burn Center, traveled to South Africa to conduct a Train-the-Trainer workshop on the South African version of the Learn-Not-To-Burn Preschool program. Conducted in concert with the National Fire Protection Association, the trip was the culmination of an eight-year effort that involved several prior visits to identify the scope of the project, challenges of burn and injury prevention, and strategies for implementing a multi-faceted program. The program was adapted to three additional languages — Zulu, Sutu and Afrikaans. The effort in 2009 focused on the adoption of the South African version of the Learn-Not-to-Burn Preschool curriculum by several key organizations, including the Early Childhood Development Institute, the National Injury Prevention Program, and the Johannesburg Emergency Medical Services system. Read more about the project.

The Burn Center is continuing to work with organizations around the world to promote fire safety and burn prevention.