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Surgical Grand Rounds are conducted each Wednesday at 7:15am in the Surgery Education Center, 4050 Burnett-Womack.

11/10/21 Yolonda Colson, MD, PhD

Chief for the Division of Thoracic Surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital, Hermes C. Grillo Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School

A Surgeon and Engineer Meet at Dinner
11/3/21 Ursula Adams (virtual), Josh Herb (virtual), Kevin Chen, Ian Kratzke, Alyssa Peace, Luigi Pascarella ACS Research Presentations
10/21/21 Omaida Velazquez, MD

Chair, DeWitt Daughtry Family Department of Surgery, University Of Miami Miller School of Medicine, Surgeon-in-chief for UHealth & Jackson Health Systems

Traversing “The Valley of Death”: One Surgeon Scientist’s Ongoing Journey
10/6/21 Matthew Mauro, MD

Matthew A. Mauro, MD, FACR, FSIR, FAHA, James H. Scatliff Distinguished Professor of Radiology, Professor and Interim Chair, Department of Surgery, President, UNC Faculty Physicians

State of the Department
9/29/21 Kyla Terhune, MD

Associate Professor of Surgery and Anesthesiology, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

Academic Surgery and our Responsibility to Patients: Today and Tomorrow
9/22/21 Jin Ra, MD, FACS

Director of the Surgical Intensive Care Unit
Vice Chair of Quality and Safety
Associate Professor Surgery

“Quality Quarterly Year in Review”
9/15/21 Brad Figler, MD

Associate Professor of Urology and Director of the UNC Transgender Health Program

WARNING! Graphic Content!

“Transgender Health and Gender Affirming Bottom Surgery”

9/8/21 Lillian M. Erdahl, MD

Clinical Associate Professor of Surgery, Surgical Oncology and Endocrine Surgery at The University of Iowa

“Successfully Leveraging Social Media for your Career”
9/1/21 Sally Carty, MD

Professor of Surgery and Chief, Division of Endocrine Surgery, University of Pittsburgh

“Molecular Testing for Thyroid Nodules and Thyroid Cancer”
8/25/21 Jennifer Wu, MD

Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, UNC School of Medicine

Department of Surgery Town Hall: Chair Search Committee
8/18/21 Shuting Zhong, MD

Chief Resident, Division of Plastic Surgery

Creating the LIMITLESS Initiative:  Bridging the Diversity Gap in Surgical Leadership
8/11/21 Larry Marks, MD

Professor and Chair, Department of Radiation Oncology and Member of UNC Institute for Healthcare Quality Improvement

Annual Safety and Teamwork Event “What Medicine Can Learn from High Reliability Organizations”
8/4/21 Mark Farber, MD

Professor and Chief, Division of Vascular Surgery

“Endovascular Aortic Repair”
7/21/21 Joshua Herb, MD

PGY4, General Surgery

Brittney Williams, MD

PGY4, General Surgery

“Rural Cancer Research: Methodologic Challenges and Access to Care” and “Patient-Reported Outcomes Domestically and Abroad”
7/14/21 Dorry Segev, MD, PhD

Professor of Surgery and Epidemiology and Associate Vice Chair, Johns Hopkins

“Video Killed the Radio Star: Research in a Pandemic”
7/7/21 Jason Mizell, MD

Associate Professor, University of Arkansas

“Finance 101”
6/30/21 Jeffrey Drebin, MD, Phd

Murry F. Brennan Chair in Surgery, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

“Treatment for Pancreas Cancer: The End of the Beginning”
6/23/21 Katharine McGinigle, MD, MPH

Surgical Director of ERAS and Assistant Professor of Surgery

Quality Quarterly “ERAS and UNCMC Organizational Goals”
6/16/21 Education Awards “Education Awards”
6/2/21 E. Gene Deune, MD, MBA

Professor, Division of Plastic Surgery and Director, Section of Hand Surgery

“The Hand: Form and Function”
5/26/21 Thomas Read, MD, FACS, FASCRS

Cracchiolo Family Professor of Surgery and Chief, Division of Gastrointestinal Surgery, University of Florida College of Medicine


“Einstein, Thought Experiments, and Standard of Care”
5/12/21 Lauren Daugherty, MD

Chief Resident, General Surgery

Anna Pavlov, MD

Chief Resident, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

“The Utilization of Hyperrealistic Simulation in Trauma Training” and “Body Contouring in the Massive Weight Loss Population”
5/5/21 Kimberley Nichols, MD

Associate Professor of Anesthesiology and Member, Faculty Diversity and Inclusion Council

“Finding My Voice from Behind the Mask”
4/28/21 David Ollila, MD

James and Jesse Millis Distinguished Professor, Division of Surgical Oncology

“Trials, Tribulations and Confessions from a Clinical Trialist”
4/21/21 Vaughn Starnes, MD

Chair and Distinguished Professor of Surgery, H. Russell Smith Foundation Chair for Stem Cell and Cardiovascular Thoracic Research, University of Southern California

“Evolution of Heart Valve Surgery: From Gibbon to Ross”
4/14/21 John Ikonomidis, MD, PHD

Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery and Professor

“Time Management for the Academic Surgeon”
4/7/21 David Gerber, MD

Chief of Abdominal Transplant Surgery and George F. Sheldon, MD, Distinguished Professor

“Stepping Outside Traditional Academia into the Chaos of Academic Entrepreneurship”
3/31/21 Julie Ann Sosa, MD, MA, FACS, MAMSE, FSSO

Leon Goldman, MD, Distinguished Professor
and Chair, Department of Surgery, University of California San Francisco

“Separating Truth from Fiction in Endocrine Surgery: Controversies (Research Opportunities!) Abound in 2021”
3/24/21 Jenny Boyd, MD

Associate Professor, Pediatrics and Anesthesiology and Faculty, UNC Institute for Healthcare Quality Improvements

Quality Quarterly

“Physician Peer Review: What, Why and How?”

3/17/21 Steven Frank, MD

Director, Johns Hopkins Health System Blood Management Program

“Evidence-Based Transfusion Practice and Patient Blood Management Programs”
3/10/21 Staci Aubry, MD

Chief Resident, General Surgery

Stephanie Gray, MD

Chief Resident, General Surgery

“Trauma Drama During a Pandemic” and “Pregnancy Considerations in General Surgery”
3/3/21 Jeffrey Polish, PhD

Consultant and Executive Director of The Monti

“Three Surgeons Tell Stories for Greater Connection”
2/17/21 Paul Cederna, MD

Robert Oneal Collegiate Professor and Chief of Plastic Surgery, University of Michigan

“Melding Machines and Humans; The Next Generation”
2/10/21 Daniel Kindell, MD, Xavier Baldwin, MD, Joshua Herb, MD, Jaclyn Portelli-Tremont, MD, Kathleen Marulanda, MD and Madison Malfitano ASC Research Presentations
2/3/21 Tom Ivester, MD

CMO/VP Medical Affairs, UNC Hospitals, Professor, Maternal-Fetal Medicine

David Flynn, MD, MBA

Medical Director of Anesthesia Services, Chatham Hospital, Assistant Professor, Department of Anesthesiology

Lauren Schiff, MD

Assistant Professor, Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery, Senior Ambulatory Medical Director for OBGYN and Perioperative Medical Director at UNC Hillsborough Hospital

“Quality Update—UNC Medical Center and Department of Surgery”
1/27/21 David Weber, MD, MPH

Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics and Professor of Epidemiology

Naseem Alavian, MD

Assistant Professor, Division of Hospital Medicine

Brian Bramson, MD

Associate Professor, Division of Infectious Diseases

John Baratta, MD, MBA

Assistant Professor, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

“COVID-19 Update: Focus on Clinical Care”
1/20/21 Brian Zuckerbraun, MD

Professor of Surgery, Associate Executive Vice Chair for Clinical Services and Chief, Division of General Surgery, University of Pittsburgh

“Mitochondrial and Metabolic Responses in Sepsis/Critical Illness”
1/13/21 Karishma Reddy, MD

Chief Resident, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Manuel Sanchez-Casalongue, MD, PhD

Chief Resident, General Surgery

“The Progression of Transgender Patient Care: Female-to-Male Gender Affirmation Surgery”

“Surgical Training, Simulation, and Augmented Reality”

1/6/21 Melina Kibbe, MD

Chair, Department of Surgery
Colin G. Thomas Jr. Distinguished Professor

“How to Write and Revise a Manuscript for Peer-Review Publication”
12/16/20 Jayme Locke, MD, MPH

Mark H. Deierhoi MD Endowed Professor
and Director, Division of Transplantation
University of Alabama at Birmingham

“Surgery, Science, and Advocacy – Working to Mitigate Health Disparities in Transplantation”
11/11/20 Gilbert Upchurch, MD

Professor and Edward M. Copeland, III and The Ann & Ira Horowitz Department Chair, University of Florida

“Millennials CAN Save Surgery!”
11/4/20 AnnaMarie Connolly, MD

Annie Louise Wilkerson, MD ’36 Distinguished Professor, Urogynecology and Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery, Vice Chair for Education &  Director, Medical Education Division

“We Can Agree:  Nobody Starts the Day Wanting to Do a Bad Job. Getting to Our Best Days Through Critical Thinking, Effective Feedback and Innovation”
10/28/20 Peter Marcinkowski, MD

Chief Resident, General Surgery

Charles Schafer, MD

Chief Resident, Plastic Surgery

“DVTs: Prevention and What’s New”


“Marjolin’s Ulcer: A Comprehensive Review”

10/21/20 Booker King, MD

Professor and Chief, Division of Burn Surgery, Director of the NC Jaycee Burn Center

“Translating Combat Casualty Care to Civilian Trauma Care”
10/14/20 Mya Roberson, MSPH, Joshua Herb, MD, Ian Kratzke, MD, Aurelie Merlo, MD, Laura Purcell, MD, and Brittney Williams, MD ACS Research Presentations
10/7/20 Melina Kibbe, MD

Chair, Department of Surgery
Colin G. Thomas Jr. Distinguished Professor

“State of the Department”
9/29-30/20 Roy Phitayakorn, MD, MHPE, FACS

Association Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School; Director of Medical Student Education and Surgery Education Research, The Massachusetts General Hospital

Residents As Teachers Conference: “Feedback on Feedback: What, Why and How to Give Constructive Feedback”

Grand Rounds: “Emotional IQ: The Potential for ‘EI’ in Surgery”

9/16/20 Jin Ra, MD, FACS

Director of the Surgical Intensive Care Unit
Vice Chair of Quality and Safety
Associate Professor Surgery

“Quality Quarterly Year in Review”
9/9/20 Jonathan Oberlander, PhD

Professor and Chair of Social Medicine; Professor of Health Policy & Management

“Breaking the Stalemate? Health Reform & the 2020 Elections”
9/2/20 Neva Howard, MD

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Director of Learning Innovations

“Adaptive Learning: Talent or Skill?”
8/19/20 Mia Klein, MD
Chief Resident, General SurgeryHadley Wilson, MDChief Resident, Cardiothoracic Surgery
“Trauma Resuscitation and Hemorrhage Control”

“Surgical Pulmonary Embolectomy for Acute Pulmonary Embolism”

8/12/20 Annual OR Teamwork Event

Anthony Orsini, DO

Neonatal & Perinatal Medicine, Orlando Health Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies

“It’s All in the Delivery”
8/5/20 Jeffrey Polish, PhD

Consultant and Executive Director of The Monti

“Telling Stories for Greater Connection (…and better research talks)”

Additional Resources

Link to slides

7/29/20 Andrea Hayes-Jordan, MD

Byah Thomason Doxey-Sanford Doxey Distinguished Professor
Chief, Division of General Pediatric Surgery

“Cytoreductive Surgery Techniques and What Is Resectable?”
7/8/20 Ashalla Freeman, PhD

Director of Diversity Affairs and Initiative for Maximizing Student Development, Office of Graduate Education and Diversity Consultant, Office of Inclusive Excellence

Brenda Mitchell, PhD

Associate Professor and Associate Chair of Department of Allied Health Sciences Office of Student Services and AHEC Operations

“Understanding Unconscious Bias for Healthcare Professionals”

Additional Resources

UNC Office of Inclusive Excellence

DEI Certificate Program




Jose Guillem, MD, MPH, MBA

Professor and Chief of Gastrointestinal Surgery

“Challenges and Opportunities in the Management of Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer”
6/3/20 Amy Shaheen, MD, MSC

Vice-President, Practice Quality and Innovation; Professor, Division of General Medicine and Clinical Epidemiology

“Quality Improvement in an Academic Medical Center: Teaching, Learning, Improving”
5/20/20 Paula Strassle, PhD

Assistant Professor of Surgery

Alberto Bonifacio, RN BSN MHA CEN

UNC Trauma Program Manager

“Surgical Databases — Which One Is Right for My Research?” and “Root Cause Analyses in Surgery and Trauma”
5/13/20 David Weber, MD, MPH

Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics, UNC School of Medicine; Professor of Epidemiology, Gillings School of Global Public Health; Medical Director, UNC Hospitals’ Departments of Hospital Epidemiology; Associate Chief Medical Officer, UNC Health Care

Rafi Fredman, MD

Chief Resident, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

“COVID-19 Update” and “Foundations of Breast Reconstruction”
5/6/20 David Gerber, MD

George F. Sheldon, MD, Distinguished Professor and Chief of Abdominal Transplant Surgery

“Dueling Healthcare Crises During the COVID-19 Pandemic: How UNC Is Integrating Surgical Care”
4/29/20 Nathan Thomas, PhD

Vice Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and

Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry

“COVID-19 and Making Culturally Relevant Decisions”
4/22/20 Muneera Kapadia, MD, MME

Associate Professor, Division of Gastrointestinal Surgery and Associate Vice Chair of Education

“Relationship-Centered Practice and Difficult Discussions”
4/15/20 David Weber, MD, MPH

Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics, UNC School of Medicine; Professor of Epidemiology, Gillings School of Global Public Health; Medical Director, UNC Hospitals’ Departments of Hospital Epidemiology; Associate Chief Medical Officer, UNC Health Care

“COVID-19 Update”
4/8/20 Sara Scarlet, MD

Chief Resident, General Surgery 

Kimberly Jones, MD

Chief Resident, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

“From Blue to Green—Sustainability in the OR” and “Management of Facial Trauma”
4/1/20 Katharine McGinigle, MD, MPH

Surgical Director of ERAS, Assistant Professor of Surgery, Division of Vascular Surgery

“Enhanced Recovery After Surgery: Why it matters even in the middle of a pandemic”
3/25/20 Felicia Williams, MD

Associate Division Chief, Associate Director, Burn Intensive Care Unit and Assistant Professor of Surgery

Burn 2.0: Addressing the Needs and Health Disparities of ‘Burn’ Patients of North Carolina”
3/11/20 David Weber, MD, MPH

Professor of Medicine, Pediatrics, and Epidemiology
Medical Director, UNC Hospitals’ Departments of Hospital Epidemiology

Nikolaos Mavrogiorgos, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine, School of Medicine
Medical Director, UNC Hospitals Antibiotic Stewardship Team

“COVID-19 Update”



“C. difficile: Brief Update on Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention”

3/4/20 Nathaniel J. Soper, MD

Loyal and Edith Davis Professor of Surgery and Program Director of General Surgery Residency, Northwestern University

“Engendering Operative Autonomy in Surgical Trainees”
2/19/20 Lee Stratton, MD

Chief Resident, General Surgery

Stephen Mahoney, MD

Chief Resident, General Surgery

“Where Big Little Glands Lie: One Hundred Years of Advancement in Parathyroid Surgery” and “Survey of the U.S. Surgeon Workforce: Practice Characteristics, Job Satisfaction and Work-life Balance”
2/12/20 Stephanie Lumpkin, MD, Alexandra Mercel, DO, Jaclyn Portelli Tremont, MD and Brittney Williams, MD ASC Research Presentations
1/29/20 Arthur Matas, MD

Professor, Department of Surgery, University of Minnesota

“Controversies in Increasing Living Kidney Donation”
1/22/20 Stephanie Davis, MD

Charles Everett and Katerine M. Brewer Professor and Chair, Department of Pediatrics; Physician-in-Chief, NC Children’s Hospital

“The Changing Face of Cystic Fibrosis” and “What’s New at UNC Children’s?”
1/15/20 Gregory A. Dale, PhD

Professor of Sport Psychology and Sport Ethics; Director of Sport Psychology and Leadership Programs, Duke University

“Credible Leadership, Healthy Team Culture and Performance Excellence: Keys to Championship Level Performance”
1/8/20 Ron Falk, MD

Nan and Hugh Cullman Eminent Professor and Chair, Department of Medicine

“Finding Joy in Academic Medicine”
12/18/19 Ashish Pulikal, MD

Chief Resident, Cardiothoracic Surgery

Joshua Preiss, MD

Chief Resident, General Surgery

“Recidivism in Recurrent Endocarditis” and “Malignant Pleural Effusions—The ‘Slurry’ of Treatment Modalities”
12/11/19 Susan Martinelli, MD

Associate Professor of Anesthesiology

Tom Ivester, MD

CMO/VP Medical Affairs, UNC Hospitals and Professor, Maternal-Fetal Medicine

“Teaching in this Generation” (Martinelli) and “Annual Quality and Safety Report (Ivester)
11/20/19 Danielle Ofri, MD

Clinical Professor, Department of Medicine, New York University

“When We Do Harm: Medical Error and the Human Condition” 
11/13/19 Alik Farber, MD, MBA

Chief, Division of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery and Associate Chair for Clinical Operations, Department of Surgery, Boston Medical Center; Professor of Surgery and Radiology, Boston University

“The Current State of Chronic Limb Threatening Ischemia”
11/6/19 Avital Yohann, MD, Joshua Herb, MD, Daniel Kindel, MD, Emily Newton, MD and Sabrina Mangat ACS Research Presentations
10/23/19 James Barron, MA

Director, HCS Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

“Health Disparities and UNC Health Care”
10/16/19 Ross Ungerleider, MD, MBA and Jamie Ungerleider, PhD, MSW-LCSW Video: “Whole Brain Leadership for Creating Highly Resonant MultiDisciplinary Medical Teams”

Handouts: Accepting Influence Questionnaire Blake_Mouton_Grid Revised 050618 Questions for Whole Brain Leadership Talk Whole Brain Leadership ATS 2019

10/9/19 Cristy Page, MD, MPH

Executive Dean

“Executive Dean’s Update”
10/2/19 Katie Cools, MD and Mubina Isani, MD

General Surgery Chief Residents

“At What Cost? Examining the Financial Burden of Survivorship” and “What’s NECs? The Evolution of Intestinal Therapies”
9/25/19 Melina Kibbe, MD

Colin G. Thomas Distinguished Professor of Surgery and
Chair, Department of Surgery

“State of the Department Address”
9/18/19 Fabrizio Michelassi, MD

Lewis Atterbury Stimson Professor and Chairman, Department of Surgery, Weill Cornell Medicine; Surgeon -in-Chief, NewYork Presbyterian Hospital

“Surgical Strategies to Reduce Recurrence Rates in Crohn’s Disease”
9/11/19 Wendell Yarbrough, MD

Thomas J. Dark Distinguished Professor and Chair, Department of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery

“HPV-Associated Cancer Evolution of a Disease from Initial Description to Targeted Therapy”
9/4/2019 Jin Ra, MD

Vice Chair of Quality, Associate Professor, Division of General and Acute Care Surgery

Thomas Caranasos, MD

Assistant Professor, Division of Cardiothoracic Durgery

“Quality Corner and Coaching/Visualization and Mindset”
8/28/19 Henri Ford, MD, MHA

Dean – University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine

“Leadership in American Society: An African-American Perspective”
8/14/19 Alexander Toledo, MD

Professor of Surgery, Division of Abdominal Transplant

“New Gains, Old Refrains: Kidney Transplantation 2019”
7/30/19 Gordon Lee, MD

Professor of Surgery, Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, The Stanford University Medical Center

“From Reconstruction to Revelation”
7/24/19 James Sanders, MD

Chair, Department of Orthopedics at UNC

“Surgeon Led Quality Improvement – Why it Matters”
7/16/19 Rebecca Maine, MD

Assistant Professor, Division of General and Acute Care Surgery

“Global Surgery: Past, Present and Future”
6/12/19 Luigi Pascarella, MD

Associate Professor, Division of Vascular Surgery

“Health Disparities in Minorities and in the LGBT Community: The role of implicit bias”
6/5/19 Core Kalbaugh, PhD

Assistant Professor, Division of Vascular and Cardiothoracic Surgery

“May the Odds Ratios be Ever (More) in Their Favor” Equity and Epidemiology in Health Care
5/29/19 Keith Lillemoe, MD

Gerald Austen Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School, Surgeon-in-Chief, Chief, Department of Surgery, The Massachusetts General Hospital

“Surgical Decision Making: Getting Some Right and Some Wrong”
5/15/19 Kristalyn Gallagher, DO

Assistant Professor, Division of Surgical Oncology, Section Chief of Breast Surgery, Surgical Director of  the Breast Care Program


“Trials and Tribulations of Breast Surgical Research” 


5/8/19 Mahesh Sharma, MD

Associate Professor, Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Section Chief of Congenital Cardiac Surgery,
Co-Director of the NC Children’s Heart Center

“The Road to the Sweet 16: Building a World-Class Congenital Heart Center”


5/1/19 Rebecca Brown, MD; Michael Williford, MD

Chief Resident Presentations

“Wellness at Work: The Science Behind Mindfulness”

“Operating Outside of the Sterile Field” 


4/24/19 Lillian Kao, MD, MS

Jack H. Mayfield, MD, Chair in Surgery, Division Chief, Acute Care Surgery, Department of Surgery, McGovern Medical School, University of Texas Medical School at Houston


“Quality Improvement in Surgery: How Do We Move the Needle?”


4/17/19 Susan Mackinnon, MD

Sydney M. Shoenberg, Jr. and Robert H. Shoenberg Professor of Surgery, Chief, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Washington University School of Medicine


“Paradigm Shifts in Nerve Surgery”
4/10/19 Michael Phillips, MD

Professor of Surgery, Division of Pediatric Surgery

“Epic 2018 Upgrade and Improving Efficiency with the EHR”
3/27/19 Anne Mosenthal, MD

Benjamin F. Rush, Jr. Endowed Chair & Professor of Surgery, Rutgers New Jersey Medical School


“Palliative Care in Trauma: Surgery and the Ethic of Care”


3/20/19 Keith Payne, PhD

Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience, UNC

“Implicit Bias”
3/13/19 Thomas Scarrit, MD; Joanna Grudziak, MD

Chief Resident Presentations

“A Brief Recap of Endoscopic Surgery: Looking Through the Scope of History”

“Improving Access to Palliative Care for the Surgical Patient”


3/6/19 Gita Mody, MD, MPH

Assistant Professor, Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery

“Quality of Life after Surgery: Measuring, Predicting, and Improving Outcomes” 


2/27/19 Anthony Charles, MD, MPH

Professor & Chief, General and Acute Care Surgery, Director, Global Surgery, Institute of Global Health, Director, Adult Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation Program

“The Efficacy of ECMO for Adult Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome: Science or Religion”
2/20/19 Michael Rosen, MD

Professor of Surgery, Lerner College of Medicine, Case Western Reserve University, Medical Director, Cleveland Clinic Comprehensive Hernia Center

Improving Outcomes Through Collaboration: Why Is It So Hard for Us”
2/13/19 ASC Research Presentations CLICK HERE TO VIEW PRESENTATIONS

Apoorve Nayyar, MB.,BS

Post-Doc Research Associate

“A National Survey of Sexual Harassment Among Surgeons”


Xavier Baldwin, MD


“Postoperative Length of Stay Following Colorectal Surgery Impact Readmissions”


Jihane Jadi

Medical Student

“Predicted End-Stage Renal Disease Risk in Living Kidney Donors at an Academic Medical Center”

Peter Marcinkowski, MD


“Perspectives and Priorities of Surgery Residency Applicants in Choosing a Training Program”

1/30/2019 Peggy McNaull, MD

Associate Chief Medical Officer, Quality and Safety, Vice Chair, Patient Safety and Quality Improvement, Associate Professor of Anesthesiology and Pediatrics


“The Opioid Crisis and Surgery: Are They Related”
1/9/2019 William Marston, MD

George Johnson Jr. Distinguished Professor of Vascular Surgery, Medical Director, Wound Management Center


“Development of a Comprehensive Program for the Management of Venous Disease: Past, Present and Future”
1/2/2019 Julie Byerley, MD, MPH

Executive Vice Dean, UNC School of Medicine, Professor of Pediatrics


“Changing Healthcare Landscape: Implications for Education of Physicians”