Surgical Grand Rounds are conducted every Wednesday at 7:15 A.M. in the 4th floor Old Clinic auditorium.

12/29/10 Canceled
12/22/10 Canceled
12/15/10 Canceled Mock Orals
12/08/10 Jen Jen Yeh, MD
UNC Surgical Oncology
Strategies to Identify Novel Therapies for GI Cancers
12/01/10 Andy Kiser, MD
UNC CT Surgery
The Convergent Procedure: Successful Cardiac Surgery and Electrophysiology Collaboration
11/24/10 Canceled
11/17/10 Thomas Ricketts, MD, PhD
Simon Neuwahl, PhD
Cecil G. Sheps Center
Accountable Care Organization and Surgery
11/10/10 George F. Sheldon
UNC Dept. of Surgery
Access to Care: The Affordable Care Act and Graduate Medical Education
11/03/10 Erin Fraher, PhD
Cecil G. Sheps Center
Surgical Workforce Trends in the United Kingdom
10/27/10 Nirmal Veeramachaneni, MD
UNC CT Surgery
Lung Cancer: Opportunities and Challenges for the Thoracic Surgeon
10/20/10 Brian Owen-Smith, FRCP, MRCS
West Sussex, UK
Franklin and the Discovery of the Hewson Anatomy School
10/13/10 Dan Ariely, PhD
Behavioral Economics
Duke Univ.
The Upside of Irrationality
10/06/10 Canceled ACS meeting in Washington D.C.
09/29/10 Renae Stafford, MD
UNC Trauma/Critical Care
Quality and Safety Alphabet Soup: Why It Matters to Surgeons
09/22/10 Michael Meyers, MD
UNC Surgical Oncology
Diagnosis, to Prognosis to Directing Treatment: Evolution of Physiologic Imaging in Cancer of the Esophagus and GE Junction
09/15/10 Kristy Borawski, MD
UNC Urologic Surgery
Urethral Trauma: Managing the Traumatic Posterior Urethral Disruption
09/08/10 Jeffrey Lawson, MD
Duke Dept. of Surgery
Science in a Surgical World: Is Progress Still Possible?
09/01/10 Christopher Dekaney, PhD
UNC Pediatric Surgery
Control of Regeneration of Intestinal Epithelial Stem Cells Following Damage
08/25/10 Louis Argenta, MD
Wake Forest Plastic Surgery
Negative Pressure Therapy: Continuing Evolution of a Concept
08/18/10 William Adamson, MD
UNC Pediatric Surgery
Bouncing Kids Back: New Pediatric Trauma Protocols
08/11/10 Eric Halvorson, MD
UNC Plastic Surgery
Surgical Care in Haiti – Aftershock and Aftermath
08/04/10 Nancy Demore, MD
UNC Surgical Oncolgy
Entreprenurial Science
07/28/10 Alexander Toledo, MD
UNC Tranplant Surgery
Abo-Incompatible Kidney Tranplantation
07/21/10 Mark Koruda, MD
UNC GI Surgery
Martha Shackelford, RN, MPH
UNC Hospitals
Surgical Quality Improvement Update: SCIP & NSQIP
07/14/10 Mark Shapiro, MD
Duke Trauma Services
One Surgeon’s Reflection on Haiti
07/07/10 Canceled
06/30/10 Karyn Stitzenberg, MD
UNC Surgical Oncology
Balancing Optimal Clinical Outcomes and Access to Care for Oncologic Surgery
06/23/10 Khalen Basiouny, MD
Brendan McCracken, MD
UNC Trauma/Critical Care
2nd Annual Surgical Critical Care Fellows Debate: To Trach or Not to Trach… That is the Question
06/16/10 Elizabeth Speck, MD
UNC General Surgery
The Lab: A Retro-Speck-Tive Review
06/16/10 Jonathan Samuel, MD
UNC General Surgery
Rewards and Challenges of Clinical Care and Research at Kamuzu Central Hospital, Lilongwe, Malawi
06/09/10 Anthony Meyer, MD, PhD
UNC Surgery
Year-End Awards Presentation
06/02/10 Cancelled Mock Orals
05/26/10 Graham Layer, President
Royal Society of Medicine
Peroperative Molecular Biological Evaluation on the Sentinel Lymph Node in Breast Cancer
05/19/10 Eugene Chung, MD
UNC Cardiology
Atrial Flutter: A “Surgical” Disease
05/12/10 Clara Lee, MD
UNC Plastic Surgery
Decision Making Under Uncertainty: the Challenge for Breast Cancer Patients
05/05/10 Brett Sheridan, MD
UNC CT Surgery
Graying of America and Mitral Valve Disease
04/28/10 Joseph Fulton, MD
UNC Vascular Surgery
Latest Advances in Endovascular Revascularization and the Rejuvenation of the Surgical Bypass
04/21/10 Runhua Feng, MD
Ruijin Hosp., Shanghai
The History of Ruijin Hospital and Current Cancer Care in Shanghai, China
04/14/10 John A Van Aalst, MD
UNC Plastic Surgery
Jerusalem, Umbilicus of the World: The Cord Binding Tissue Engineering and Volunteering
04/07/10 Raj Pruthi, MD
UNC Urology
Robotic Surgery for Bladder Cancer: Innovation, Investigation and Widespread Application
03/31/10 J. Duncan Phillips, MD
UNC Pediatric Surgery
What’s New in the Pediatric Chest Wall Surgery – Pectus and Beyond…
03/24/10 Carol Runyan, MPH, PhD
Injury Prevention Research Center
Preventing Trauma- Updates from the CDC and the UNC Injury Prevention Research Center Perspectives
03/17/10 Jordan Dedrick, MD
UNC Neurology
Goal – Oriented Therapy and Multimodality Monitory in Severe Traumatic Brain Injury
03/10/10 George F. Sheldon, MD
UNC Surgery
Patient Access in the Era of Surgeon Shortage
03/03/10 John Buse, MD, PhD
Introduction to NC TracCS Institute
02/24/10 Matthew Smith, MD
UNC Surgical Oncology
Ligands of the EGFR Family and Relationship to Clinical Outcome
02/17/10 Robert Watson, MD
UNC Transplant
Rationing Healthcare (A Transplant Perspective New Kidney Allocation Policy)
02/10/10 LD Britt, MD
Visiting Professor
Trauma Management – 2010: Ongoing Controversies
02/03/10 Mike Magee, MD
Positive Medicine, Inc.
Health Transformation: Complexity, Connectivity and Consumerism
01/27/10 R. Brock Goodwin, DO
UNC Trauma/Critical Care
Surviving Sepsis – Are We Surviving?
01/20/10 Anthony Meyer, MD, PhD
UNC Surgery
Surgery at UNC: 25 Years of Change
01/13/10 Michael E. Bowdish, MD
UNC Cardiothoracic Surgery
To VAD or Not to VAD – That is the Question
01/16/10 Nancy DeMore, MD
UNC Surgical Oncology
Development of Novel Therapies for Angiosarcoma