Surgical Grand Rounds are conducted every Wednesday at 7:15 A.M. in the 4th floor Old Clinic auditorium.

12/28/2011 Cancelled NO GRAND ROUNDS
12/21/2011 Cancelled NO GRAND ROUNDS
12/14/2011 Laurence Dahners, MD
UNC Orthopaedics
Prophylaxis of Surgical Site Infections
12/07/2011 C. Scott Hultman, MD, MBA
UNC Plastic Surgery
Shine On: Laser & Light Based Therapy for the Treatment of Burn Scars
11/30/2011 William Marston, MD
UNC Vascular Surgery
Current Status of Stem Cell Therapy for Limb Ischemia
11/23/2011 Cancelled NO GRAND ROUNDS
11/16/2011 Christopher Dekaney, PhD
UNC Peds Surgery
A Potential Role for Paneth Cells in Repair of Intestinal Epithelial Damage
11/09/2011 Cancelled Mock Orals
11/02/2011 Jeffrey Carter, MD
Critical Care Fellow
Emerging Technologies in Surgical Education
10/26/2011 Cancelled NO GRAND ROUNDS
10/19/2011 Dorry Segev, MD
Johns Hopkins Univ SOM
Sustaining Transplantation and Innovation in the Current Regulatory Environment
10/12/2011 Nicholas True and
David Williams
Special Forces
An Update on UNC – Special Forces Collaboration
10/05/2011 John van Aalst, MD
UNC Plastic Surgery
Engineering Cartilage, Partnerships in Palestine: Defining and Bridging Gaps
09/30/2011 Howard Jones, MD
Chair, Dept. of Ob/Gyn
Vanderbilt Univ. SOM
Improving Doctor-Patient Relationships
09/28/2011 William Adamson, MD
UNC Pediatric Surgery
Team STEPPS: Roll Out For Surgery
09/21/2011 Samuel Jones, MD
NC Jaycee Burn Center
Update On Inhalation Injury: Translational Research in the Burn Center
09/14/2011 Nancy Demore, MD
UNC Surgical Oncology
Bench to Bedside Drug Development
09/07/2011 Alexander Toledo, MD
UNC Transplant Surgery
Reducing Liver Transplant Length of Stay Through Lean Six Sigma
08/31/2011 Keith Amos, MD
UNC Surgical Oncology
Surgical Treatment of Differentiated Thyroid Cancer
08/24/2011 Elias Darido, MD
UNC GI Surgery
The Holy Grail of Bariatric Surgery: Restriction, Resection, Plication or Invagination
08/17/2011 Brett Sheridan, MD
UNC Cardiothoracic Surgery
Left Ventricular Assist Devices: Where Is It Going?
08/10/2011 Andres Villaveces, MD, MPH, PhD
UNC Dept. of Epidemiology
Injury Prevention: A Global Perspective
08/03/2011 George F. Sheldon, MD
UNC Dept. of Surgery
Graduate Medical Education: Evolution and Changes Under Health Reform
07/27/2011 Mike DiPilato
CareFusion Infection Prevention
Introduction of ChloraPrep for Surgical Skill Preparation
07/27/2011 Shiara Ortiz-Pujols, MD
NC Jaycee Burn Center
Burn Injury: The Challenge of Insufficient Facilities and Providers
07/27/2011 Raeshell Sweeting, MD
UNC General Surgery
Intraoperative Electron Radiation Therapy Improves Local Control in Retroperitoneal Sarcoma
07/20/2011 Gina Bertolini, JD
Mark Koruda, MD
Anthony Meyer, MD
Important Updates for Clinical Faculty and Housestaff
07/13/2011 Pamela Rowland, PhD
UNC Dept. of Surgery
Initial Impressions: A Survival Guide
07/06/2011 Cancelled NO GRAND ROUNDS
06/29/2011 Earl Gage, MD
UNC Plastic Surgery
Syndromic Craniosynostosis
06/22/11 Kimberly Erickson, MD
UNC Pediatric Surgery
ECMO for Respiratory Failure: Historical Perspectives, Modern Practice
06/15/11 David Ollila, MD
UNC Oncology Surgery
Breast Cancer: Diminishing Role of the Surgeon?
06/08/11 Anthony Meyer, MD, PhD
Chair, UNC Department of Surgery
Awards Presentation
06/01/11 Courtney Sommer, MD, MPH
UNC General Surgery
Productivity Without Pipettes: The Health Services Research Experience
06/01/11 Jeffrey Dehmer, MD
UNC General Surgery
05/25/11 Thomas Kozlowski, MD
UNC Transplant Surgery
Acute Antibody Mediated Lever Allograft Rejection
05/18/11 Timothy Sadiq, MD
UNC GI Surgery
Hereditary Colorectal Cancer
05/11/11 Canceled Mock Orals
05/04/11 Lena Napolitano, MD
Acute Care Surgery
Univ. of Michigan
TQIP: Risk-Adjusted Benchmarking in Trauma
04/27/11 Sean Montgomery, MD
UNC Trauma/Critical Care
Massive Transfusion: Does the Ratio of FFP to PRBCs Matter?
04/20/11 Pamela Rowland, PhD
Dept. of Surgery
Developing Communication and Professionalism Competencies: A Behavioral Approach
04/13/11 Richard Feins, MD
UNC Cardiothoracic Surgery
Deliberate Practice to Surgical Practice – Training the Elite Surgeon
04/06/11 Thomas Egan, MD
UNC Cardiothoracic Surgery
Ex-Vivo Organ Perfusion: The Future of Organ Transplantation
03/30/11 William Adamson, MD
UNC Pediatric Surgery
Improving Pediatric Care of Premature Newborns
03/23/11 Drs. Matt Ewend & Tiffany Perry
Dept. of Neurosurgery
What’s Your Clearance? The C-Spine
03/16/11 George F. Sheldon, MD, Professor, Dept. of Surgery Graduate Medical Education – Funding at Risk?
03/09/11 Mathew Raynor, MD
UNC Urology
Management of Small Renal Masses
03/02/11 Russ Kotwal, MD
DCS Surgeon’s Office
US Army Special Ops
Prehospital Trauma Care on the Battlefield
02/23/11 Peter Ford, MD
UNC Vascular Surgery
Management of Lower Extremity Peripheral Arterial Disease: That’s Not a Knife!
02/16/11 Omar Llaguna, MD
UNC Surgical Oncology
Data on Recurrent Rectal Cancers
02/16/11 Courtney Sommer, MD
UNC Surgical Oncology
Multiple Strategies to Ensure a Successful Minimally Invasive Parathyroidectomy
02/09/11 Kamil Erfanian, MD
UNC Plastic Surgery
The History, Training and Practice of Hand Surgery
02/02/11 Anthony A. Meyer, MD, PhD
Chair, UNC Dept. of Surgery
Reconciling Influence and Conflict of Interest with Professionalism
01/26/11 Christopher Rupp, MD
UNC GI Surgery
Bile Duct Injury and Surgical Hubris
01/19/11 Culley C. Carson III, MD
UNC Urologic Surgery
Men’s Health: Promise for the Future
01/12/11 Catherine Bollard, MBChB, MD
Baylor College of Med.
Post Transplant Lymphoproliferative Disease
01/05/11 Canceled