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Surgical Grand Rounds are conducted on the first and third Wednesday of every month at 7:15 A.M. in the 4th floor Old Clinic auditorium.


12/31/2014 Winter Break
12/24/2014 Winter Break
12/17/2014 Felicia Williams, MD
NC Jaycee Burn Center
The Evolution of Burns and the Burn Surgeon: Looking Beyond Skin Grafting
12/10/2014 Ashish Jain, MD
General Surgery ResidentRaeshell Sweeting, MD
General Surgery Resident
Deceased Donor Kidney Transplantation: Discrepancies in Organ Allocation


12/3/2014 No Grand Rounds
11/26/2014 Thanksgiving Break
11/19/2014 Mock Orals
11/12/2014 Special Presentation Colin G. Thomas Jr., MD: His Impact on The University of North Carolina
11/5/2014 Todd Baron, MD
Division of GI and Hepatology
Frontiers of Advanced Therapeutic Endoscopy
10/22/2014 William A. Fischer II, MD
Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
The Struggle to Contain Ebola- From Outbreak to Epidemic
10/15/2014 Clara Lee, MD
Plastic Surgery
Decision Making about Breast Cancer Treatments
10/8/2014 Chris Tignanelli, MD
General Surgery ResidentTrista Reid, MD
General Surgery Residents
Sedation in the ICU
10/1/2014 Lynn Damitz, MD
Plastic Surgery
Innovations in Urogenital Neurosensory Assessment and its Clinical Implications
9/24/2014 Chris Tignanelli, MD
General Surgery ResidentNicole Lopez, MD
General Surgery Resident

Arun Ganesh, MD

Anesthesiology Resident
Joint Anesthesia and Department of Surgery Interdisciplinary M&M Conference
9/17/2014 David Van Duin, MD, PhD
Associate Professor or Infectious DiseasesAnne Lachiewicz, MD, MPH
Clinical Assistant Professor of Infectious Diseases
Infections in Burn Patients
9/10/2014 Michael Philips, MD
UNC School of MedicineAshok Venkataraman, MD
UNC School of Medicine
Is Resection Necessary?

Open vs Thorascopic

9/3/2014 Richard J. Ohye, MD
Professor of Cardiac Surgery at University of Michigan
Lesson Learned from Running the Multi-Center Randomized Single Ventricle Reconstruction Trial
8/27/2014 Chris Dekaney, PhD
UNC School of Medicine
Intestinal Stem Cell Biology during Epithelial Repair
8/20/2014 HJ Kim, MD
Division Chief, Surgical Oncology
UNC School of Medicine
Making Sense of Pancreatic Cystic Neoplasms
8/13/2014 Krista Evans, MD
General Surgery Chief ResidentLaura Boschini, MD
General Surgery Resident
Changes in Management of Diverticulitis
8/6/2014 Sasha Adams, MD
Surgery in the Elderly: Adjustments in Evaluation and Care
7/30/2014 Andy C. Kiser, MD
Chief, Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery
Launch Out into the Deep: Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Surgery
7/23/2014 Nancy Klauber-DeMore, MD
Professor of Surgery, Surgical Oncology
A Decade’s Worth Pursuit of Target Discovery, Validation and Drug Development
7/16/2014 Sang II Lee, MD
Division Of Pediatric Surgery
The Evolution of Wilms Tumor Management
7/9/2014 Kirk Caddell, MD
General Surgery ResidentJaveria Qureshi, MD
General Surgery Resident
Gastric Cancer Surgical Management

Gastric Cancer Systemic Therapy

7/2/2014 Dominika L. James, MD
Department of Anesthesiology
The Basics of Perioperative Pain Management
6/25/2014 Raeshell Sweeting, MD
General Surgery
Interdisciplinary M&M Conference in Trauma/General Surgery
6/18/2014 C. Scott Hultman, MD, MBA
Program Director and Chief of Plastic Surgery
Far Away, So Close: Successful Reduction of Hospital-Associated Infections in Burn Patients
6/11/2014 Awards Presentation
6/4/2014 Mock Orals
5/28/2014 Laura Boschini, MD
Michael Phillips, MD
Jennifer Samples, MD
Christopher Tiganelli, MD

General Surgery Residents
Research Updates and Current Works in Progress
5/21/2014 Christopher Tignanelli, MD
General Surgery ResidentGenevieve Embree, MD
Preventative Medicine
UNC Hospital Interdisciplinary M&M Conference
5/14/2014 Nicole Chaumont, MD
General Surgery ResidentEmily Fontenot, MD
General Surgery Chief Resident
Nonsurgical Treatment of Appendiceal Abscess or Phlegmon

Screening for Breast Cancer: US Preventative Task Force Recommendations

5/7/2014 Benjamin F. Calvo, MD
Chief of Surgical Oncology
Rectal Cancer Treatment and Research at UNC
4/30/2014 Michael F. Szwerc, MD
Chief of Thoracic Surgery
Leigh Valley Health Network
Utilizing Robotic Technology to Improve the Options for Minimally Invasive Lung, Esophageal, and Mediastinal Surgery
4/23/2014 David B. Peden, MD, MS
Chief of Pediatric Allergy, Immunology Rheumatology, and Infectious Diseases
When Smoke Gets in Your Lungs: From Air Pollution to Smoke Inhalation
4/9/2014 Megan Fuller, MD
General Surgery Chief Resident
Effect of Who Checklists on In-Hospital Mortality
4/2/2014 Bruce A. Cairns, MD
Director, NC Jaycee Burn CenterJulia Malik, Laurel Kartchner, Brandon Linz
Microbiology and Immunology Graduate Students
Immune Dysfunction Following Burn Injury: Use of Animal Models to Elucidate Alterations in the Immune System
3/26/2014 Charles B. Cairns, MD, FACEP, FAHA
Professor and Chair of Emergency Medicine at UNC
Time Makes a Difference to Everyone, Everywhere: Critical Opportunities in Emergency Care
3/19/2014 Lewis Rubinson, MD, PhD
Director, Critical Care Resuscitation Unit in Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore, MD
University of Maryland’s Critical Care Resuscitation: High Quality Multi-Specialty Care for Critically Ill Patients with Immediate Need for Transfers to an Academic Center
3/12/2014 Scott Moore, MD
Sumayah Hargette, MD

General Surgery Residents
Long Term Effects of ASA on Colorectal Cancer

Treatment Options for Graves Disease

3/5/2014 Lawrence T. Kim, MD, FACS
UNC Surgical Oncology
The Thyroid Nodule and Thyroid Cancer: Update in Diagnosis and Management
2/26/2014 Booker T. King, MD, FACS
Director, US Army Institute Surgical Burn Center
Fort Sam Houston, TX
The Spectrum of Combat Casualty Care
2/19/2014 American College of Surgeons Surgical Health Care Quality Forum
2/12/2014 Jessica Pretti, MD
Sumayah Hargette, MD
General Surgery Residents
Effect of Stitch Length on Wound Complications

Treatment Options for Graves Disease

2/5/2014 Michelle C. Roughton, MD
Director of Microsurgery
UNC School of Medicine
Advances in Breast Reconstruction
1/29/2014 William T. Adamson, MD
Divison Chief, Pediatric Surgery
UNC School of Medicine
Massive Transfusion Protocols: From the Battlefield to EPIC
1/15/2014 Benjamin E. Haithcock, MD
Cardiothoracic Surgery
Evaluation of the Pulmonary Nodule
1/8/2014 Ashok Venkatarman, MD
General Surgery Resident
Biliary Tract Disease and Pregnancy


Reza Rahbar, MD

Division of GI Surgery