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Academic scholarship is a critical part of the development and evolution of an excellent physician and surgeon. Whether aiming for academic, private or a mixed practice, academic scholarship is key to realizing your goals. At UNC, residents are encouraged to start thinking about their career goals early on in order to best help them achieve their goals. During orientation, incoming residents are introduced to academic scholarship expectations and resources.

Quarterly meetings with Vice Chair for Research

Categorical residents have at least quarterly meetings with Dr. Jen Jen Yeh starting in August to identify and develop academic interests early on in order to maximize scholarly activities during clinical rotations and additional academic time, if desired.

Scholarly requirement

Residents are required to publish at least one paper during the first two clinical years and to continue this productivity track record throughout residency. Residents are required to participate in the annual department research day and to be active in regional and national meetings that match their career goals.

Annual surgery research day

Residents, fellows, and interested students participate in a department wide research day with poster and oral presentations as well as smaller sessions of hot topics by experts in their fields, culminating in an awards celebration. During research day, residents spend an hour with a visiting professor at a case presentation conference.


Interest areas of the faculty are broad and include clinical, translational, health services, medical history, and basic science interests. Cross-disciplinary collaborations are encouraged. Academic interests of potential mentors are available and residents “request a mentor” based on their own interests.


National databases are housed within the department and in the School of Public Health. Database and statistical support is available and use is highly encouraged. Helpful information for general abstract and meeting deadlines are collated by research residents and updated each year. Current research resources and opportunities can be found at this link.