Melina Kibbe, MD

Vice Chairs

David A. Gerber, MD Clinical Affairs
Timothy M. Farrell, MD Education
Jen Jen Yeh, MD Research
Hong Jin Kim, MD Strategy & Outreach

Division Chiefs

David A. Gerber, MD Abdominal Transplant Surgery
Bruce A. Cairns, MD NC Jaycee Burn Center Surgery
John S. Ikonomidis, MD, PhD Cardiothoracic Surgery
Alessandro Fichera, MD Gastrointestinal Surgery
Anthony G. Charles, MD, MPH General & Acute Care Surgery
Andrea Hayes-Jordan, MD Pediatric Surgery
Lynn A. Damitz, MD Plastic Surgery
Hong Jin Kim, MD Surgical Oncology
Mark Farber, MD Vascular Surgery

Program Directors

Anthony G. Charles, MD, MPH Medical Student Clerkship
David W. Ollila, MD Mentorship Program

Residency Program Directors

Benjamin E Haithcock, MD Cardiothoracic Surgery
Michael O. Meyers, MD General Surgery
Jeyhan S. Wood, MD Plastic Surgery

Fellowship Program Directors

Timothy M. Farrell, MD Advanced Minimally Invasive and Bariatric Surgery
Bruce A. Cairns, MD Burn Surgery
Elizabeth B. Dreesen, MD Critical Care Surgery
David W. Ollila, MD Complex General Surgical Oncology
Jason Crowner, MD Vascular Surgery

Full alphabetical list of Surgical Faculty

Attending Physicians

Non-Attending Faculty

Nick Bhatt, MD
Raghid Bitar, MD
Bruce A. Cairns, MD
Benjamin F. Calvo, MD
Shannelle Campbell, MD, MPH
Thomas Caranasos, MD
Anthony G. Charles, MD, MPH
Nicole Chaumont, MD
Jason Crowner, MD
Lynn A. Damitz, MD
Chirag Desai, MD
Stephanie Downs-Canner, MD
Elizabeth B. Dreesen, MD
Thomas Egan, MD
Mark A. Farber, MD
Timothy M. Farrell, MD
Richard H. Feins, MD
Alessandro Fichera, MD
Kristalyn Gallagher, DO
David A. Gerber, MD
Benjamin E Haithcock, MD
Andrea Hayes-Jordan, MD
Stephen Heisler, DPM, MHSA
Charles Herbst, MD
John S. Ikonomidis, MD, PhD

Daryhl Johnson II, MD
Sam W. Jones, MD
Loree K. Kalliainen, MD, MA
Howard Kashefsky, DPM
Blair Keagy, MD
Melina Kibbe, MD
Hong Jin Kim, MD
Lawrence Kim, MD
Mark J. Koruda, MD
Jason M. Long, MD
Ugwuji Maduekwe, MD
Rebecca Maine, MD
William A. Marston, MD
Katharine McGinigle, MD
Sean E. McLean, MD
Anthony A. Meyer, MD, PhD
Michael O. Meyers, MD
Michael R. Mill, MD
Gita Mody, MD, MPH
Don Nakayama, MD, MBA
Rabia Nizamani, MD
David W. Ollila, MD
D Wayne Overby, MD
Luigi Pascarella, MD
Marco Patti, MD, FACS
Arielle Perez, MD
Michael Phillips, MD
Lauren Raff, MD
Trista Reid. MD
Michelle C. Roughton, MD
Timothy S. Sadiq, MD
Pablo Serrano, MD
Mahesh S. Sharma, MD
Karen Stitzenberg, MD
Paul B, Tessman, MD. PharmD
Alexander H. Toledo, MD
Felicia Williams, MD
Jeyhan S. Wood, MD
Jen Jen Yeh, MD