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Program: Integrated Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Start Year: 2023

Medical School: Medical University of South Carolina

College/University: University of South Carolina

Hometown: Sterling, Virginia

Clinical and Research Interests

Reconstructive surgery (breast and burn mainly) & Hand surgery

What were you looking for in a residency program?

A group that enjoyed each other’s company in and out of the hospital along with exposure to the full breadth of plastic surgery.

What inspired you to become a doctor/surgeon?

I was inspired to choose a career in plastic surgery after witnessing the care, creativity, and depth of the field when my best friend was involved in an ATV accident, requiring reconstructive surgery.

Favorite thing about UNC?

The people, a cliché answer, but runs through. The mentorship & support from faculty to senior residents has been amazing. It doesn’t hurt to have a renowned basketball team too.

Favorite Surgery?

Tough to say this early but any reconstructive surgery. It’s amazing to see the technical skill & finesse needed to fill these defects.

Fun Fact

I still hold my high school district record for most charges in a basketball game (7).


Playing tennis and basketball, watching the USC Gamecocks and New England Patriots play, skiing, and finding the best ranch in the US