Abdominal Transplant Surgery Research
David A. Gerber, MD

Burn Center Research
Bruce A. Cairns, MD
Samuel W. Jones, MD
Robert Maile, PhD

Cardiothoracic Surgery Research
Thomas M. Egan, MD, M.Sc.
Michael R. Mill, MD
Gita Mody, MD

Gastrointestinal Surgery Research
Timothy M. Farrell, MD
Mark J. Koruda, MD
David W. Overby, MD

Pediatric Surgery Research
Sean E. McLean, MD

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Research

Surgical Health Services Research Group
Anthony G. Charles, MPH, MD
Matthew Nielsen, MD
Karyn Stitzenberg, MD

Surgical Oncology Research
Benjamin F. Calvo, MD
Nancy K. DeMore, MD
Hong Jin Kim, MD
Michael O. Meyers, MD
David W. Ollila, MD
Jen Jen Yeh, MD
Karyn Stitzenberg, MD

Trauma and Critical Care Research
Anthony G. Charles, MPH, MD
Elizabeth B. Dreesen, MD
Sharon Schiro, PhD

Vascular Surgery Research
Mark A. Farber, MD
William A. Marston, MD
Howard Kashefsky, DPM