Database Manager proposals will be reviewed by committee the first Monday of every month and will be approved, sent back for revisions, or declined. Approved projects will be prioritized to determine order of completion (see the FAQ page for details), If you are have any questions, please send Dr. Paula Strassle an email to set up a meeting or attend one of her office hours.

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  • If using a publically available database (e.g. HCUP, insurance claims) also summarize any studies that have been completed on this topic using similar data source and provide PMIDs.
  • Example: This study will look at whether being transferred from an outside hospital for elective colorectal surgery, compared to being admitted directly, impacts 30-day readmission rates. We will also assess other potential risk factors, like patient demographics and comorbidities, on 30-day readmission.
  • Example: We hypothesize that patients being transferred for elective colorectal surgery will have different demographics/clinical characteristics, and will have increased rates of 30-day readmission.
  • Note: If data is in an unanalyzable format or critical variables are missing (e.g. date of last follow-up), request will not be reviewed until data issues are fixed by research team.
  • Have you created a list of billing codes (e.g. ICD-9-CM, ICD-10-CM, and CPT) needed to measure all the variables of interest in your study? How did you create these lists? Are all the variables you are interested in able to be captured in the database (e.g., BMI is not available in HCUP or insurance claims).
  • Title (and year of training if medical student or resident)
  • Include any additional information about your deliverables here.
  • Please list all deadlines and reason (e.g. abstract submission). If the request is for an abstract submission, list conference. If for a grant submission, list grant type and funding source(s).
  • Publically available datasets (e.g., HCUP, Medicare) require coding experience. Studies with sample size <200 may be required to perform own analyses.
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