The University of North Carolina is home to one of the most accomplished and dedicated transplant teams in the region. Certified by the American Society of Transplant Surgeons, our mission is to advance the field of transplantation through efforts in patient care, education and research. Our programs focus on treatments for diseases of the kidney, liver, and pancreas.

Excellent results are due to a concerted team effort in providing comprehensive pre-transplant, peri-operative, and post-operative care to our patients. Referring physicians are considered integral and are incorporated into all facets of patient care. Clinical and research teams give our patients important advantages with respect to access to the latest immunosuppressive medications and other innovative medical strategies.

Our core surgical team includes a group of board certified abdominal transplant surgeons who trained at American Society of Transplant Surgeons’ approved fellowship programs across the U.S. Along with a dedicated and diverse group of healthcare practitioners we focus on the patient and those individuals who are integral in the patient’s recovery from the time the patient is in the hospital through their transition to the outpatient environment.