The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Liver Transplant Program opened in the Fall of 1991. From the beginning, UNC’s Transplant Team has been committed to providing our patients with the highest quality care and access to the newest, most effective therapies. Located in UNOS Region 11, our transplant patients have come from around the nation.

Comprehensive care is provided to all transplant patients and recipients using a multi-disciplinary team approach. The UNC Liver Transplant Team includes transplant surgeons, hepatologists, nurse practitioners, nurse coordinators, social worker, psychologists, and financial counselors.

Members of the Transplant Team include:

All UNC transplant patients have access to extensive support services including nutritional, pharmaceutical, and financial services. Local accommodations for transplant patients and their families have been a focus for our program. These accommodations include hotels and SECU Family House of UNC Hospital. For information about insurance coverage, please click here.