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Program: Integrated Vascular Surgery Residency

Start Year: 2019

Medical School: Universidade Estadual de Londrina – Brazil

Clinical and Research Interests

Aortic diseases (aneurysms, occlusive disease), peripheral arterial diseases, carotid diseases, dialysis access, venous disease.

What were you looking for in a residency program?

I am looking for the opportunity of being exposed to and learn from the full breadth of vascular diseases, along with the opportunity to develop essentials skills to conduct meaningful clinical research in the field of vascular surgery.

What inspired you to become a doctor/surgeon?

The dream of becoming a doctor came with the desire to help people alleviating their suffering caused by diseases. Combined with this, I decided to be a vascular surgeon because vascular surgery requires focused and precise surgical technique, and provides the opportunity for long-term connection with patients. I found the combination of technical aspects and patient care to be the perfect fit for my personality. Also, I have a passion for learning and using new technologies, and the vascular field is continuously evolving with new devices and surgical advancements.

What is one thing you wish your instructors or colleagues knew about you before they meet you?

I am really excited about starting as a vascular surgery resident at UNC and looking forward to work with all residents, faculty, and staffs of each service of UNC.


To play basketball, tennis, biking, and enjoy time with family.

Fernando Motta, MD