Mentored Research Training

Mentored research training is an essential part of our fellowship program, where multidisciplinary research teams come together to address critical clinical questions.

  • All post-doctoral trainees choose a faculty mentor, based on their interest and the mentor's expertise, who will guide them through their research training.
  • Opportunities available in both clinical and basic research
  • Training in research methods, statistical methods, IRB procedures, grant writing, data analysis and interpretation, research ethics, and writing skills.
  • Fellows have access to formal research training programs by application to the Translational and Clinical Sciences Institute for the Translational Research Curriculum Program.
  • The Research Core Curriculum is designed as a means for trainees to gain access to coursework in core competencies that are viewed critical to the success of an academic clinical-translation researcher. These include:
    • Appreciation of the multidisciplinary roles of various research team members and elements of highly effective teams
    • Completion of Responsible Conduct of Research training
    • Understanding of methodological and analytical strategies resulting in appropriately designed protocols
    • Participation in professional development activities that teach skills such as scientific writing, oral presentation, grant writing, and mentoring