Rheumatology (Lupus) Clinical Care

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Saira Sheikh, MD - patient examination

Providing compassionate care combined with clinical expertise, to help patients deal with the complex and challenging symptoms of lupus.

Lupus can affect people in many different ways, and often mimics the symptoms of other diseases.  As a result, it can be challenging to diagnose and treat.  At the same time, it is a disease for which accurate diagnosis and prompt, effective treatment are important.

The medical professionals at the UNC Hospitals Rheumatology Lupus Specialty Clinic understand this.  That’s why the clinic offers the most current diagnostic tools and techniques available, including a specialized immunology laboratory, expert musculoskeletal radiology services, a clinical pharmacy, and an on-site therapeutic infusion center – all of which work together in the diagnosis and management of lupus.  It’s also why the clinic’s staff take the time to address the unique needs of each of their patients, regardless of whether they have common symptoms of lupus or a more complex and involved grouping of disease symptoms. 

For many patients the impact of lupus can be very difficult, as it may include symptoms such as pain, fatigue and depression.  It’s particularly important for physicians to spend time carefully and patiently listening to lupus patients describe their unique experience in order to obtain all the available “clues” that might yield the most beneficial outcomes.  At the UNC Hospitals Rheumatology Lupus Specialty Clinic, doctors and nurses take the time needed to ensure that patients are thoroughly evaluated and know they are supported in their time of need.  

The lupus clinic’s doctors routinely coordinate patients’ care with other UNC specialists, most often in the fields of adult nephrology (kidney), pediatric rheumatology, pulmonology, allergy/immunology, dermatology and gynecology.

Some lupus patients – such as those for whom existing treatment options have not proven satisfactory or successful – may choose to enroll in one of our lupus clinical trials.  This may provide them with access to new treatment options, and a sense of satisfaction by enabling them to contribute in important medical research that can help others in the future.

The lupus clinic is led by Dr. Saira Sheikh, a board certified rheumatologist and allergist/immunologist whose broad base of expertise allows her to effectively address patients’ needs. 

Physician Information 

Saira Sheikh, MD - Clinic Director and Assistant Professor of Medicine

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Clinical Trials
For information regarding clinical trials focused on lupus, contact Julie Walker at 919.843.6619 or by email: .  You may also visit this page on our website to learn more. 

Patient Referral Form
Prior to requesting an appointment please ask your referring physician to read our Referral Letter to Providers, and fill out our updated UNC Specialty Referral Form.  

Clinic Address
UNC Hospitals Rheumatology Lupus Specialty Clinic at Carolina Point II (approximately 10 minutes from the UNC Chapel Hill campus)
6013 Farrington Road
Bldg 200, Suite 301
Chapel Hill, NC 27517 
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